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First wedding Aniversary - A short story, opinions are welcome

The forest whirled past me as I ran. Up into the forest canopy I continued, my stride in perfect continutation. It was pitch black but I could see everything crystal clear, one of the perks of being a vampire. I felt perfectly intune to my surroundings, I had run in the forest many times, normally with Edward or my family by my side but I was relaxed alone, knowing there was not a preditor in the woods that could defeat me. And if there was a wandering vampire who happened to come across me, my shield could protect me from mental attacks and my newborn strength would aid me in defeating them. To be quite honest I would relish the thought of using the super strength I had left as it was deminishing every day. I was nearly a year old in vampire years and the extra strength that came with being a newborn was fading away. Tonight Edward and I were celabrating our first wedding aniversary!! the thought brought an instant smile to my face. I couldnt belive the apprehension I had about marrying Edward when I was human. If Id have known how happy I would be I would have married him the first time he had asked. I caught a familier smell on the breeze, I was nearly at my destination. I reached up and grabbed the branch above me and swang into the air, turning into a sommersault and landing gracefully.

Our meadow was all aglow, lanterns and fairy lights were drapped around the trees, and onto the branches of th trees surrounding the meadow. In the middle was a table, a crisp white tablecloth on it, laid with fine china and crystal glasses. It was perfect. "Happy aniversary Mrs Cullen" the voice came from behind me, close to me and the lips speaking were almost touching my neck. It gave me shivers all over. I turned and there he was. My husband, my Edward. He still took my breath away, topaz eyes, floppy hair and heart stopping smile. when i was human I felt completelty dowdy next to him. At least now in my immortal form I felt better in my skin, that I didnt look to out of place next to him. "Happy aniversary, Mr Cullen" I sang back to him. He laughed and swiftly picked me up into his arms. I nestled my head on his chest as he carried me swiflty to the table, pulling and settling me onto my seat in one fluid motion. He settled ito his seat opposite me and we sat for a moment, gazing into each others eyes across the table. " I take it we arent actually eating anything?" I said. He laughed his magical laugh and lent underneath the table, pulling out a large chrome thermos and set it on the table. I imediatley recognised the contents by smell, Mountain lion blood. Instanainiously my throat burned, like a volcano errupting. "Oww" I toched my throat with my fingertips. "It still hurts?" Edward asked, eyes full of concern.

"I havent hunted much this week" I admitted "Nessie prefers to go with Jake, and I got caught up helping Alice with her website".

"You shouldnt leave it so long love, I dont want you to be hurting" Edward said soothingly,even though I wasnt so breakable anymore he still worried about me, old habits I guessed. He poured the contents into th crystal glasses, I recognised them from Esmes best set, and made a mental note to be extra carefull with them.

" A toast" said Edward "to our first year of marrige and many more!" We carefully nudged our glasses together, the vibrations from the glasses rang into the air. We drank, and then Edward reached into his jacket pocket and produced a black rectanguler box and setit on the table infront of me. "Edward" I started "We agreed on no presents!". "You still havent got any better at recieving gifts have you love?" Edward answered me, half laughing "do you honestly think would leave this occasion pass without getting you anything, Mrs Cullen?", I fingered the box and grumbled " I guess theres no point in asking if it was expensive" that set him off into a fit of giggles which inturn set me off. We laughed with each other, soprano and bass together for a moment. "Bella will you please open it, the suspense is killing me" he looked genuinley anxious. "Edward the gift of your love and body forever is the greatest gift, apart from Renessme that you could ever give me" I reasoned with him trying to deter away from my embarrasment of receiving another expensive gift. "Ahh but Bella love, you gave me something far greater. You gave up your lfe for me and Nessie, sorry! Renessme, that was far greater than anything I have given to you" he reasoned with me still smiling and looking so handsome in the candle light of the illumonated table. I figured this argument could go on all night and I had other ways pictured in my mind to spend it! I opened the box.

I gasped, in the box was a locket, gold and the size of a Dollar! The face of it was beautifully carved with the Cullen family crest. I took it in my hands carefully,it was on a thick gold chain. "We all wear the family crest on something" Edward spke softly and held up his arm and pointed to the leather cuff with silver crest in the middle. "open it up" said Edward. I carefully opened up the big locket, inside there was a beautifull picture of Edward, me and Renessme all smiling and the other half was a family photo, the original hung above the fireplace at home in our cottage. Carlisle and Esme standing behind Emmett, smiling his cheeky smile, jasper on his right, trying not to laugh at him, Edward on his left and Rose, Alice, Me and Renessme sitting below them laughing at Renessme doing her best "Smile".

I looked at Edward and said"I love it" he cocked an eyebrow,

"Really?" I thought it might be to big for your taste he asked tentivley.

"honestly I love it" I replied and pushed my sheild away fom my mind to let him see how happy I was. Edward gasped and stared off smiling looking at the thoughts I prduced for him. I let my mind wonder over the locket and how thrilled I was with it, then I remembered our wedding day, how he looked when I walked down the aisle to meet him, the joy of being decleared husband and wife. Next I thought about our honeymoon, Isle Esme as it appeared out of the darkness, the sea as I waded out to join him in the moonlight, the first time we were 'together' and the next. Edward growled softly, we jumped from our chairs and fell into each others arms on the meadow floor next to the table. My locket was still clutched in my hand, Edward swiftly took it, put it round my neck and fastened it in one fluid motion. I grabbed his hair and pulled his face to mine, kissin him urgently still letting my mind wander over our past experiances together. Suddenly he sat bot up right. "What is it?" I aked still breathless from kissing him, he out his finger to my lips to quiet me.

He pulled me up onto my feet with hm as he stood up. "Run!!" he shouted and we took off running in the direction of home. "What is it?" I shouted at him "Whats wrong Edward?" as I spoke the words I heard a loud howl fill the forest behind us, there was a crashing noise which sounded like the trees were being ripped out from the root. "Werewolf" said Edward and grimised "not the Jacob variety either" looking up at the very full and bulging moon in the sky.

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Comment by kirsty aisha guard on August 14, 2010 at 9:17am
Thanks for your nice comments guys, I was only thinking of it as a short story but if you guys like it I will continue it
Comment by Seashell0303 on August 13, 2010 at 11:35pm
OMG luv 2 bad there fun was rund..
Comment by Kelley Brady on August 13, 2010 at 8:03pm
OMG! love it! please write more
Comment by Bella Marie Cullen on August 13, 2010 at 10:54am
omgomgomgomgomg write more
Comment by Alyssa Camerino on August 13, 2010 at 3:51am
OMG!!! Write some more please!!!

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