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"Shh," my mother sooths me, tucking the quilt around me. "It will be alright. Think happy thoughts when you dream and it will go away."

I don't bother telling her that these weren't just dreams. Unless you can have the same dream every night for the past two years and call it a dream. Doubtful.

My mother bends forward to lightly kiss my forehead. "I'll see you in the morning, Vanessa. Good night, hun."

She leaves the light on and the door open.


I shot up, from the bed, falling straight onto the floor. I moaned. Mom, I thought as a tearless sob wrenched through me, shaking me. Taking a raspy breath to settle myself, I raised myself on my elbows to look at the dismemebered alarm clock that I'd pushed on my way down. 12 am.

I groaned loudly. There was absolutely no way in hell I was going back to sleep tonight.

If she was here,the thought escaped me,she would be with me, drying these tears.Unbelievily, the streaks of water trailed across my cheeks and fell onto the floor below me. Laying my head down on the smooth, hard wood, I shut my eyes and let the misery have me.


When I opened my eyes again, I saw light streaming in through my window. I glanced back at the clock next to my head. It was almost seven. Guess I did fall asleep.

My neck hurt from sleeping on the floor. I rubbed it with the palm of my hand and rose to my feet. One glance in the mirror told me that I was gonna need some serious make up, which was a problem since I never wore any. My eyes were red and puffy with tears, streaks of water had stained my cheeks. The side of my face that had been pressed to the floor was red and raw.

We needed to get this floor polished.

"Grandma?" I called downstaris tentively.

"Yes?" came her distant reply. "Do you need anything?"

"Yeah, can you bring my make up bag up here?"

There was a pause before she replied. "Oh, hun, you know you don't need that stuff. You're already to beautiful for your own-"

I winced. It was exactly what my mom would've said. Exactly what my mom had said. "Please?"

I imagined she sighed. "Oh, alright, hun. Wait one minute, hun."





(If you liked it, please comment. I finally got outta my writers block and I wanna keep this story for a while.)

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