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For those who are looking for their soulmate......

For those who are looking for their soulmate....... (I just like friends myself)
I think on a different time frame, or maybe a different time altogether, when communication was much harder, and more scarce, as letters would come by the month if you're lucky, and being seperated by an ocean, or several, like a few of my friends over-seas. When you got with that person though, it was worth it. You had patience, and manners, and integrity, or ya weren't worth the effort. Yes, things weren't perfect with some, and some even fooled around in great absences, as i've seen crushed hearts too... We're talkin years here for some people that found who they wanted..... and some wars, but that's what it was back then. Some great relationships even until the mid 80's..... but....people are lacking patience....maybe because they see their mortal coil being so short. technology can do that...and....
I think the reason that patience and people's attention spans are so short, are because everything now is immediate, and we will except no less, and although our lifetimes are longer, our time seems shorter because there is too much stimuli hitting us at once, and we're afraid to sleep lest we miss something, and we need more of everything to do so, more action, more drama, our mates need to be super-people now to impress each other, or it's a wash.... we can reach further than we ever have before, to China even! it was closed to us for years!!! Russia too! now one can order brides from these places for poop's sake!!!

On top of it all, the silly things now take pressidence, like ringtones and fingernails, taking priority over 40 cans of soup for the homeless?... or opulence over function, and why must we have a diamond? to seal our joining? get your mate a house for gosh sake, or a car, because you can't drive a diamond, or live in it! It's useless, and... Sierra Leone is worse than ever with those kids dying in the mines for those baubles....we must think before we buy, and have patience with our friends we meet here and there, and when we can see them, we will.

Try to be more comfortable with yourself alone, and you'll be more relaxed when you meet that special someone, and won't come off as a stalker.... those of you who come on as desperate will have a desperate relationship with all the mis-givings and mis-trust to go with it. Relax and communicate, and things will fall into place. I've seen several modern relationships blossom when the people finally met after talking on the internet. It's worth it! I helped two of the relationships along off and on when pressure was getting tight. they are glad they stuck it out.

If you have a chance to be happy, and want someone to be with, it's well worth the wait they said.... true story.....

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Comment by Vincent Steel on January 14, 2011 at 4:34pm
It's a natural heavy pull when you're in your teens all the way into your thirties, so much so, that you will "settle" for another, because of being tired of waiting, and once in a while, they turn out good, but usually it's disasterous. Patience comes easier as you get older and see more and more mistakes of others, and you realize that you are much happier than they are, because you are dealing with so much less drama, and mis-communication of selfish guys or gals, when you wanted so much just to give your heart and be loved unconditionally back....Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that way. They have alterior motives, or what THEY think are higher aspirations, and they never see what they could have had that is right in front of them...but! lol. That's what freedom of choice is....
Comment by Madara on January 14, 2011 at 11:49am

Yea, I've heard that waiting part before, but it's so hard sometimes. It's so hard not to see and not to feel the person beside you.... and someone says - just wait - it will be ok, but it's realy realy hard...


Comment by Vincent Steel on January 13, 2011 at 9:11pm
Most definitely! i agree, but most are loooking and seearrching (comically said) i try to put things in perspective when i'm asked is all. many great things happen spontaneously, and is all the more a gift when it does...and some happen gradually. i've experienced what you have said, long long ago, but the one in front of my eyes didn't feel the same, and others that i felt that with, never knew... thanks for your reply Michiko! and cheers!
Comment by Michiko Quiachon on January 13, 2011 at 8:53pm
looking for soulmate?? i don't think looking is the right term for that... waiting is more acceptable for me.. They say it comes on times you don't expect it to come..  you fell in love with a person you don't expect to fall.. people tend to look far away not realizing that the one they were searching was just in front of their eyes

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