The Twilight Saga

Chapter one
The beginning

It was a beautiful Halloween morning in Worthington, Minnesota. I wasn’t that into Halloween much but I felt good about this day. I was still in my warm bed not thinking about school and all the weirdos dressing up today. My mom Vanessa Johnson walked in to the room and said, “Tima its time to get up” oh man its just another day in Latima Johnson’s life, I thought as she spoke. Having to get up in the cold was going to suck. My mom’s nickname for me was Tima she was the only one who called me that. That’s how I knew it was her and not Tom. My mom is dating this guy named Tomas Conner. He is nice guy, but he is all ways away on trips so its like he wasn’t living with my mom and I. It was just the two of us like it had been for most of my life.
I pretended I was asleep but she knew I wasn’t sleeping “it’s a mom thing”. She said “get up your going to be late for school”. I said, “OK just give me five more minuets!” She agreed and went back down stairs to the kitchen. I lay in my bed for about three more minuets dredging the cold air outside my nice warm bed. I got up looked at my self in the mirror across the room.
When I looked at my self in the mirror I saw a five foot three inch young girl with short dark brown hair, a round face, beautiful deep brown eyes.
My hair was sticking up in a Don King look. I must have slept harder then normal, because drool was on both sides of my mouth. I got up and got in the shower and brushed my teeth and went down stairs. My mom was waiting in the kitchen and said “Good Morning sleepy head” like she always said. I sat down at the kitchen table and asked my mom if I would be ok if I hung out with some of my friends tonight and maybe stay over Galena’s house? My mom said, “Yes as long as I get your homework done”.
Tonight my friends and I were going to Pioneer Village, there is a Halloween hunted house, and maybe we will go to a college party after that our parents had no idea about. What I really wanted to do was stay home or go over someone’s house and watch scary movies like I use to do with my dad when I was younger.
My dad is Mark Johnson. He lives in New Jersey. I live there in the summers when I was little, but not for the last few years, because it was hurting my mom to come and pick me up, and she would have to see my dad. Once or twice they tried to rekindle their marriage but it always ended badly. I was kind of glade my parents got divorced because I was sick of all the yelling and hurtful words they used against one another. When they were apart I was happy and they were happy so it all works out for us all.
I went to school and most of the kids were dressed up in their costumes. I just went through the day like it was every other day. I am a quite person I keep to myself I had few friends. “I am a geek”. But I am happy with the person I am. I go thought out the day, from period to period. No one really notices me.
I was so happy when the final bell rang. This was the only time I could see my boyfriend Ray during the day. Ray Alton was the love of my life. I couldn’t go a day with out talking him. If I was sick I would get out of bed in a blizzard just to communicate with him and he knew it. I think he would do the same. Everyone says its just puppy love and that this will never last, but what do they know. He was at my locker when I got there. He had his beautiful smile on he always had when he saw me. I smiled back. He said “Hey babe”. “You ready for the party tonight?” Ray’s brother was a junior in college and the party he was referring to was a college party with beer and games and college stuff. I was so in. Galena my best friend was coming with us to the party too and she told her mom that she was staying at my house; just like I told mine I was staying at hers. Which was not weird because we always stayed at one another’s houses. So we were not going to get caught. Galena was going out with this kid Marty Grayson. I didn’t really know him well, but he seemed cool. I told Ray “Yes I am coming but I got to go do my homework so I can go out.” I wave and blew a kiss bye to Ray and went to my car.
After school I went home and did all my homework. My mom came home from work and said,” Latima I have to tell you some thing.” I said, “OK what’s up?” She told me that her and Tom were talking about getting a house together and, that she and he were talking about moving and, she want to know if I would like to stay with my dad for a few weeks while they looked at houses. She said, “Tom might be getting a promotion and might be transferred to the home office of his company. The home office was in Richmond, Virginia.” I was cool with the idea of me seeing my Dad and giving Mom and Tom some space. She and Tom hadn’t had much time together and it would let them know what it feels like if they live together more than they did now. I said ‘Sure, how does dad feel about this?” She told me he was happy to have me and if I wanted I could stay longer if I would like. I said, “Cool so when will this all be going down?” Mom looked at me with concern and worried eyes. I just stared back waiting for the answer. I said “well” She said “well...Um next week!” I said “WHAT!!!!!!” My eyes were bulging out of my head. She said, “well it was a last minute thing and we would like to move in together as soon as possible.” I said, ”Mom what about my life here?” “What about school, work and my boyfriend?” “I have a life too.” “How could you do this to me?” That was all I could say… tears were forming in my angered eyes as ran up the stairs to my room where I slammed my door.
I got on the phone and called Ray he didn’t answer but I left very upset message. I said, “My mom is trying to destroy my life for her own happiness. Life is not fair and I am going to have to move. I’m going to New Jersey in less than a week! I need to talk to you. Call my cell phone when you get this please. I love you bye.” I sat still on the edge of my bed thinking of the options I had. I could run away but I couldn’t hurt mom that way. I could offer to stay with Ray but no way mom would let me. So I will go to New Jersey and I won’t fight but I will be pissed off. I packed my clothes for my overnight trip and I ran back down stairs I told my mom I needed air and I will be over Galena’s and we would talk more about what she told me later. She agreed she saw I was upset and could tell I would explode at her if she didn’t let me calm down. She just said, “be safe and she would see me tomorrow”. I said, “ok bye” and ran out the door. Galena lived a mile away and I knew I could walk to her house with no problem.
I love walking in this small little town because you know everyone and everyone knew you. On my way I saw this guy, I have never seen this man before in my life. He was so perfect in every way. He was tall and handsome, but so pale. He had beautiful black shiny long hair. I couldn’t tell what color his eyes were but, they were dark, all I know this mans face was perfect. He walked across from me on the opposite side of the road. He just stared at me with his dark eyes and smiled. I blushed and smiled back. I began to walk faster as my heart began to race. I didn’t know why my heart was racing, or why I was walking faster, but I did know I never felt this way around anyone. This guy couldn’t have been that much older then me. Why haven’t I seen him in school? He was very attractive, but he was still so strange. Too beautiful! The most beautiful guy I have ever seen. Ray looked like a bum compared to this dude. He crossed the street and began to walk behind me. I could hear his breathing increase. I felt like running I didn’t. I began to get scared as he began to follow me as I walked faster than I was already walking. I got three houses from Galena’s house and I stopped to go turn around to see what he wanted from me. But I couldn’t hear him breathing anymore. I just felt his presents, so close but not view. I felt like I was being watched from afar. I turned around in a complete circle; looking in the trees and woods around me looking at the houses around me. A lot of questions popped in my head. Did he live in one of the house? Is he visiting someone? Who was he visiting? Is he moving here? Just as I am about to move a new guy comes to town. Danm this is just my luck. But he was gone. I was a little disappointed that he was not there behind me. I wanted to talk to him. For some strange reason I felt drawn to the man. I wanted to hear his voice and take a really good look at his gorgeous face. I walked the three houses down. I remembered why I was here at Galena’s house now and not later on tonight. I pushed the thought of the beautiful man in the back of my head. I rang the doorbell and knocked on the door.

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Comment by Sha-Mecca on September 29, 2009 at 11:40pm
This is a story I am writing if you like it, I do have more chapters, but I wont post them unless people like this one. its my own story nothing to do with twilight saga but it will have to do with immortals that do live forever but the are not vampires.

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