The Twilight Saga

Jacob Black

"I had the most amazing run with Sam", I thought, konwing that everyone else could hear."I gonna go to Bellas' place now 'cause I'm pretty damn hungry, anyone coming?""Hell yeah", thought back everyone. I smiled, the almost war with the Voultri had broken the treaty of vampires and werewolves and now we are almost like best friends rather than worst enimes. Especially, after my impriting on Nessie.

We headed towards the Cullens' house, when we came across the meadow, where 6 years ago, there was a war to save Forks. We phased back and made a run for Bellas' place. We were there in a few minutes.

Alice was at the doorstep as usal forseeing the future disappear, She can't us because we are half-humans, she can see humans because she was one, she can see vampire because she is one but she can't see half-humans because she was never one."Hi, Wolves", she teased, with a sweet smile across her face." Nessie will be coming by now if you're wondering, Jacob" she teased, turning to face me. I rolled my eyes while the others laughed.
"Actually, we came here for a snack", Seth shot back. I was about to yell at him, but when I saw Esme's smile widened, I stopped myself. By the time I had time to blink, Esme had brought plates filled with food, Everyone got plates except me because I had a special doggy bowl with the name FIDO craved on it. I rolled my eyes while the others laughed but it was so funny that I had to join in.
The laughter was immediately stopped when we heard a new laughter, a high-pitched peal of bells, that I turned around to see they had already arrived.


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