The Twilight Saga

There are times when challenges exist on your way and on that challenge you dont have enough power to defeat the enemy just because your not ready yet. And when you see the enemy right in front of you, you don't know where the enemies weakness is, where is that part of that strong whirlwind weakness to be able to defeat and mock it down without hurting the heart that is inside of that strong wind and turn it into a pure heart that hatred on it are all banish. That Strong Whirlwind hastily move ahead of me and i have nothing to do to avoid it. Instead of fighting back, i endured the pain and search the center of his heart... and while i am on that area of his body, part of my heart turned into gloomy and tears run down my face, because the heart have many experiences that have hurt his feelings, anger, hatred and sorrow, along with it is a feelings that have been hurt by the person that he love most.

My heart was struck by an arrow of sympathy. I can't understand why He is doing these things. I close my eyes and touched his heart talked to him heart to heart... i hugged him tight and said "iloveyou.." and i don't know i said those words. He responded to me and he said "stop, i am not worthy to be said by that words, because i have a heart that have no feelings only hatred is inside, and revenge that i want." He throw me put me out and landed on the trunk of a tree which is the cause why my left leg broken.

It was indeed painful that i couldn't even stand alone to protect my self anymore from Him. On that posture, i utter the words " i am sorry".. again i don't know why i said those words. And abruptly He stop, the wind stop either and landed his feet on the ground and our eyes met with each other. Now, i already know why He is so very mad.. it was me, the reason why He does all of these things. And said to my self " oh, my God.. it is you who i am searching for along time. Now i know why i utterly said that words.. i touched his left face, "is it really you?. Ive been searching you for a long time and here in the battle arena we've met without expectation.

Give me a chance to explain my self why i did that thing... there is no way i can save you except for one thing. by letting you go and hurt you, so that they will not kill you... our love cannot accept by my parents and they have known our love for each other. You know the rules that who ever lowly person that made connection to me.. will be put into death. I protected you and saved you from them.. but still "iloveyou" nothing change".

The man with a power of whirlwind cried and hug his princess and said " forgive me, i am too selfish. i let anger rule my heart. i thought you did that because you dont love me that you had only played on my heart.. Now i know the reason why you did that to me... "forgive me".. They both hugged each other and got back to the castle where they continue the story of their love... The Queen and the King accepted their relationship for they love their daughter very much....

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