The Twilight Saga

I had lived a short life so far...a pretty bad one to most wolves. I had no hope, nothing to help me get through the endlessly long nights that tore and tugged at my heart...the lifeless nights alone, too many days I had traveled without someone there beside me, to help me get through these daring journeys I made to find something, someone as a life support. To help me, to care about me, to love me. To drag me from what i was living in, the past. Images of my past flashed by me, days of never ending running. I did that a lot...trying to hide myself from others, because of the dangers there were of knowing me...I wanted someone to come foward and get to know me, for the real me...not the dangerous, deadly Ayame. Ayame was my name. I was named after a dark, evil wolf. The name Ayame came after her. It mean evil. I was only like this, because my pack made me like this. There hate, anger, and sorrow for me built up over the years, making me this, horrible monster I knew I was....I was constantly fighting off the pain, the sorrow, the misery I had burried away inside me...I needed someone to come...and save me from this nightmare...

I sometimes wonder, if life is really worth living....But All I can do is put my best foot forward, to move on, and get on with life..something I quite havent really figured out yet. The way life works, I have seen so many deaths, so many lives ended because of simple reasons like for food. I think its stupid to compete for land, or food, or mates...I dont think its right to end ones life for the respect and well being of another. If you asked another, about me. They couldnt really say. Im like a shadow. Never seen or heard unless I want to be. Im deadly, dangerous and hard to get along with. Some may think of me as a male , always competing for things even if I dont like the idea of it. Its life. The way of things. If you dont understand how to live in these part of the woods, you will die. No doubt about it...Im more of a tough wolf though. Even if millions of tiny, or big lives live all around me. I feel like im alone. I have gone up against the world, and I know what it feels like, to have every soul you love, and care about so much you would kill, and die for them to turn on you. I knew how it felt, and I knew how bad it was when no one wanted you. And when the only thing wolves could seem to like to do was find you, and beat you...almost to death.I was always in my dream world...always trying to fit in it, but even there, I couldnt seem to find someone who could save me...who could bring me back to the way I really was...who could help, love and care about me like someone should...always dreaming about belonging....

The snowy forest floor felt amazing to the stinging, and burning underside of my paws...Claw marks, and bite marks ran down my body, scars of me trying to kill myself ran down my legs, pale pink but a bright reminder of what I could, and would do to myself when things got tough.I jogged through the forest, the fading sun left streaks of amber through the trees. Its amazing shades of gold shimmering onto the ground, and warming everything up just a bit. The snow was up to my shoulders as I trudged through it slowly, trying to make my way to a hunting ground for a meal before resting time. I needed something to eat..I hadnt thought to stop and eat for a while...maybe since yesterday? I didnt really know. My honey eyes searched the forest, my head held low, you could easily see my hip bones, my rib bones, and my cheek bones. The skin tight, on my face and body. I wasnt very fat at all. The wind whipped at me, stinging and burning.I heard a few wolves howl loudly, and I already thought of what would happen tonight...maybe I might slip by them without stirring them up...I already had a disput within another pack last night....I yipped slightly when something hit me but it was just a pile of snow from a tree driping down. I sighed quietly and saw a male wolf come out. His bloody face raging with anger, I knew he was ready for a fight. Wolves from all sides stepped out..and I knew I was in trouble. He growled quietly and stared at me for a few moments...I thought maybe he was going to let me go...but that was when they attacked.

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