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Three months I've been gone,it seems. I'm back! But where have I been? Umm well my dad was in the hospital for a few weeks in august and we've been helping him ever since. He's doing much better! Septermber came and I'm back in school. So I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. October comes and I'm caught up in my own little world with my boyfriend. I find out he's an ass and dumped him! November started and exams and NaNoWriMo have too. I'm so busy. I've had no time to write. But I promise I will remember! OH GUESS WHAT! I'm seeing Breaking Dawn Part One: Midnight premier! I'm SUPER excited. Plus in this chapter, you'll have NEVER seen this coming.


The scent it was of an unknown vampire. We were at a dead end. Like always it seems. Shouldnt be anything new to me now. I mean I lose my memory, the people I love, and now we have no idea what's going on. Jacob came to see Renesmee a lot. He had to explain to me he imprinted on her. This was a something I never new exsitied. It amazed me, though.

It was late evening when as I was heading to the Cullen house. Edward and I were going hunting. Renesmee was supposed to go too, but her and Jake are going to see a speical showing of Face Punch. The name sounded fimialar. Unsure of why. I pulled into the drive and waved hello to Ness and Jake on the porch. I ran up onto the porch and hugged them both before they went to Jake's car. I skipped into the house.

"Evening Japser."I said breezing through the living room and into the kitchen. He nodded and smiled in my direction. E

He looked over and smiled my favorite smile in the world. "Yes, love. I am." he came and took my hand, leading me outside. I loved when he called me that. It made me feel important to him. Like I was the grestest thing in his life. We ran through the woods unlike we found some deer. Edward naturally went for the biggest one. I never minded this though. Just as we were heading back for the night movement off to my side caought my attention.

"Who's there?" I demanded. Edward came to my side, taking my hand. I slowly stepped forward. "Hello?" I pushed the low tree limbs out of my way. It was a clearing. About the size of a football feild and in middle was a group of teenagers. They saw us and smiled knowingly. I looked at Edward as if to ask "What do we do?"

Edward walked towards them.I followed behind holding his hand. "Hello. May I ask what you are doing out here?"

A redhead came up and smiled. She was gorgeous with flawless skin and bright purple eyes. Her lips were a perfect pearl color, her hair shimmered down to her lower back in glorious red waves. She wore a white gown that reminded me of a goddess. "My name is Veronica. What are yours?"

"I am Edward Cullen,this is Bella Swan." he introduced us. "Now, who are you?"

She smiled sweetly, "These are my people. We are guardian angels. You two are vampires."

"Yes. Why are you here?" I said stepping out from Edward.

"It's quite a long story. We've been here for a few days now. Were very unsure on how to get back." she said upset.

A beautiful young angel came up to Veronica. She had similar purple eyes and goddess like dress. "Veronica, everyone is getting hungry."

Veronica nodded. "I know." she turned to us. "This is my sister, Elisa."

I smiled at her. "That's a really pretty name. You both have beautiful names."

"Thank you, Bella." Veronica smiled. "Would either of you know where we could get food and supplies? I fear we may be here for a while."

"Why don't you come back to the house with us? Carisle would like to meet you." I suggested.

Veronica looked unsure. "They too are vampires?"

I nodded. "Would that be an issue?"

"Of course not. My people are very trusting of all speices. We do not judge others. We accept the offer." she said with a smile. She turned to the large group. "Listen! Edward and Bella have invited us to their home. You will all be kind to them as they are vampires. No one will break or touch a thing."

"Ready?" I asked.She nodded. They all followed us back to the house. Edward ran ahead to warn the others of our surpise guests. "Here we are!"

"Bella, it's beautiful. I love it." Elisa gushed. I smiled and lead them inside.It was big house so it fit all twelve of them plus the Cullens'.

Everyone was already in the living room awaiting the arrival of the angels. Carisle came forward. "Welcome to our home. I'm Carisle."

Smiling, Veronica came forward."Hello. It's nice to meet you. I'm Veronica. These are my people. Guardian Angels. Bella said you could help us with supplies. Is this correct? My people are getting hungry. We've been here a few days with no food."

"Of course we can help. It would be our honor." Esme said sweetly taking her hand.

Rosalie came downstairs, but stopped and stared. I gave her a questioning look. "Veronica?"

"Rosalie!" Veronica squeaked. Rose came over to her, like she thought she was seeing something. "Is it really you?"

"Yes. Veronica what are you doing here? I thought you died."

Veronica blushed. "Well, I did. Now I'm a Guardian Angel. What about you dear?"

"I don't like to talk about it."she muttered. Veronica nodded. Then looked at us. "Rosalie and I were friends before she died."

My eyes widened. I could see them being friends. They were both gorgeous in everyway. "Really?"

"We were. But we drifted apart after school finished. I heard of her death on the news one evening. It was terrible." Rosalie said looking away.

"Yes, well. Here we are again. I hope we can be friends, Rosalie. I've missed you." Veronica whispered to her. I smiled to myself.

"Bella, Alice? Come with me." Esme instructed.We followed her into the kitchen. Several totes were sitting on the floor. "Please fill these. Toliters, clothes, food, blankets, and anything else. I'll be right back."

I began filling one with towels, tooth brushes, and other bathroom nessicasites. Alice had started on one with clothes and shoes. After we filled all the totes, Esme finally returned with several maps. She placed them in with the tote full of blankets and pillows. We even included sleeping bags and air mattresses with an air pump.

"That should be enough for them for the time being. I hope they can get home." Esme said admiring our work. I nodded in agreement. We carried the boxes into the living room.

"Here are your supplies. If you need anything else. Just ask." Esme said smiling.

"Oh we couldnt. This is just wonderful. Thank you!" Veronica said hugging us. That's when I noticed she had a gift.


Alrightly! There it is! I know there are NO angels in Twilight, but just wait. They play a big part in Bella's memory return. Espeically Veronica. So please, no hard feelings on me bringing them in?

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Comment by Jordan Clement on December 4, 2011 at 8:27pm

I know! My life is insane and ^^ that? Was it wrong of me to kind of change the base of Twilight?

Comment by Katie Williams on December 3, 2011 at 8:42pm

wow write as soon as u can

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