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Alright guys. I'm starting to delete people from my friend's list if they don't read any of my fanfics, and don't talk to me, or if I don't read your stories.

Why? I'm almost up to 200 friends, which means that I can't send messages to all of my friends anymore without taking 5-7 minutes for each message to select every friend. I send about 10 messages a week to my friends. That wastes a lot of time in my week. You do the math. Well...I already did it for you. That's wasting almost 70 minutes in my week, where I could have been doing something else. That's over a full hour of just clicking on people's names. Not fun.

Anyway, I have a new policy about friend requests that I'd like to share with y'all.

The policy:

From now on, I will NOT be accepting friend requests UNLESS you include a short message explaining why you want to be my friend.* If you don't include a short message the request will be ignored. So take an extra 30 seconds and write a brief message.

*Note that I don't always accept friend requests, even if you include a message. The reason may be that your reason just wasn't very acceptable. Below are acceptable reasons, and unacceptable reasons. If your reason is not acceptable, then I won't accept the request.

  • I want to be updated on fanfics
  • I would like to receive reminders about the one shot competition.

  • I want to talk (sorry, but my friend's list is too crammed right now to just chat)
  • ...(this doesn't tell me anything about you people!!!)
  • Uh...hmmm....i dunno. (again, doesn't tell me a thing.)
  • I think you're a nice person. (Aw...thanks! But unfortunately my friend's list is PACKED!!!)
  • What's up? (Nothing much. Sorry...but this is just not okay. I got this today in a friend request!)

Well, hopefully this sums things up. Please don't send me a friend request if you don't have an ACCEPTABLE reason.


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Comment by Amanda --> on January 3, 2011 at 11:33am
Yes, I know. Haha! :)
Comment by Morgan Jones on October 9, 2010 at 3:09pm

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