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My grandma told me not to place love with friends.
I didnt know why but didnt ask her
I looked around and said to myself
Angel, friends are all you have in this life
no one has yet to replace the love you give your friends.
I said that because no matter what
my friends top all
my family tops all
myself I can keep at the bottom
Why I say that?
Well I can't be happy at school unless my friends are
I can't be happy unless my family is.
It seems that everyday I have to say something to someone
about thier ways.
My friend told me that he didnt deservre my best friend
I told him how he changed her
How happy he made her
But I will never tell him how happy he made me
My friend has found someone
Something that will probably never happen to me
My friends keep telling me that I need a guy
I tell them that im happy being single.
Its true i am.
I have my friends and family
Thats all I need in life
So for people who dont have a love yet
Keep your friends close
and your family closer
They are the only people who you can love for now.

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Comment by Lucie Spadone on July 21, 2009 at 3:43pm
Friend are very important and i think this is tru but not as tru as the other two

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