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Okay first of all I am not here to bash or preach or whatever. I know many people just say "These movies were garbage." and leave it at that without formulating a real opinion or anything worth saying. I'm trying to give constructive criticism and I hope to God that somebody who works on the movies reads this. To many huge fans of Stephanie's books these movies have been - how do I put this gently? - a complete disaster. I'll admit New Moon was loads better than Twilight but just not up to par with the books. The direction, production, visual effects, and overall flow of the story in the movie New Moon was great! It followed the book closely, unlike Twilight, which was just a catastrophe.

The main problem of course is the ACTING. I know Rob has some talent, because I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (where he plays Cedric Diggory) and he holds his own. I'm not sure about Kristen, because I've never seen her in any other movies, but from what I've heard she portrays every character the exact same way. I remember the initial shock of seeing the way she was playing Bella in Twilight and how amazed I was that the movie did so well and people could say that they loved it even after seeing it!

My main problem with the acting is that Kristen and Rob try to overdramatize the entire story. The pauses in the conversation are so painful and the serious stonefaces even during learthearted moments are just really annoying.
Edward: "Technically I'm not breaking any of his rules. He said I can't set foot through the front door and I came in through the window." Sounds like it should be a lighthearted moment. Instead they both have dead serious faces... and there is also a 10-second pause before the next line.

They are coming off as not really letting loose and feeling the characters. Often throughout the movie I wonder if Kristen has even read the books (I'm not sure if she actually has, I think I heard Rob say he has) and how she possibly got this role out of all the girls that must have auditioned for it. Also most of the time it literally looks like she is making up her lines as she goes along. Like she remembers the general gist of how the scene is supposed to go but she pretty much pulls words off the top of her head. Even if that's not the case that is not how it's supposed to come off. And as if the pauses in the middle of every sentence weren't bad enough, when she does talk she talks so fast it's like she's just trying to hurry up and say whatever it is she has to say and get it over with.

The worst part is right at the end of the movie when Rob, Kristen, and Taylor are in the forest. After Taylor leaves and Rob is painfully getting the words out that he has one condition for Bella... I wish I had timed how long it takes him to spit out "Marry me, Bella." I understand that it needs to be dramatic, because it's such a turning point in the story but in the movie it is way, way, WAY overdone and drawn out.

It is sad that the 2 or the 3 main actors were so bad, because everybody else is quite good! Taylor especially. I cannot say how happy I was with him, the way he played was beautiful. His facial expressions, and the way he was acting towards Bella the love for her was so obvious. I know Taylor worked so hard and it really really paid off. He was by far the best actor. I cannot imagine what the movies would be like if Kristen and Rob worked as hard. They would definitely live up to the hype then.

So moral of the story is Kristen and Rob need to lighten up, let loose, feel the characters, and talk normally, please! I don't know what needs to happen, if they need acting lessons or if that's actually how the director tells them to act, but something desparately needs to change because too many people are disappointed with these movies. I just think the actors should portray the characters as beautifully as Stephanie wrote them and then nobody would ever be allowed to say "These movies are garbage" again.

My message to everyone who just hopped on the bandwagon and said I LOVE TWILIGHT OMG EDWARD OMG JACOB SO HOT without reading the books or knowing anything about the story... If you really care, read the books. Get to know the story. Then watch the movies again and compare them.

My message to everyone who read the books and STILL thinks the movies are good or even worse the ones who think the movies are BETTER... How?

Tell me what you think! Why do you love the movies, why do you hate them? I know I've analyzed this to every last detail but I love the books so much I feel like the movies don't live up to them and Rob and especially Kristen are the main problems. And the lead actors tend to be a huge part of the movie :) and influence whether it's good or bad. Just please do not leave any ignorant pointless messages. I want to hear people with something worth saying not "OMG you're so totally stupid".

No matter what I'm still looking forward to Eclipse. I really hope with the new director things will be different.

Eclipse Movie and New Moon

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Comment by Donna Elaine Lanzillo on December 3, 2009 at 2:12pm
I think you are right about Kristen. I don't think she read the books. Bella is really stuborn and Kristen has not protraied that about Bella.The other problem is the actors that play the cullens. Japer is from the south and has a southern acent and the actor dose not act with it. Also the actor that played Emment was bad in this one. He was ok in Twilight, but really bad in this one. I still wished that they could aleast get the little details right. The bad thing about it that Stephanie Mayers does not care that they don't get the details right in her books. I love the books and I am rereading them again and will do so again. I am not trying to bash the movie to bad, but as fans we should get what in the book.
Comment by Samantha Edwarsath Cullen on November 27, 2009 at 3:26am
oh! almost got lazy reading this very long article.. anyway, move on friend!
Comment by Dawn on November 25, 2009 at 7:18pm
also if they cut out the tent seen in eclipse i will be REALY disapointed
Comment by Dawn on November 25, 2009 at 7:17pm
i agree with some of it. i think taylor is a realy good actor. i want more passion with edward and bella. kristan just isnt right for bella as far as the acting goes. she never cry's. also it was a little choppy for me. it didnt flow right. at the end the cute out the airplane rise home. and the shoulda had more time in the last 20 mins on and after the way home. i think anyway.

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