The Twilight Saga

Acantha's point of view

I sat awake for hours, waiting for the new girl to wake up. I sat gazing at the sun as it began to shine a pool of light that eventually flooded the tree house floor. Her eyes eventually fluttered open. her eyes squinted at the light.

"Morning!" I chirped, ruffling her hazel hair.

"Uh, okay" She said, confused.

"Don't say you've forgotten who i am already!" I laughed. She propped herself up lazily and stretched.

"What time is it? where-"

"We're in some person's tree house. It's about half eleven. And jeez do you sleep forever!" I got up and crept to the tree house door. I rattled the door and it swung open.

"Where are you going?" She yawned.

"We need to get moving. We can't stay here foreve-aaaaargh!!" I screamed as i fell out of the door. i landed with a crack on the floor. She poked her head out of the door.

"Woah! You okay down there?"

"Fan-bloody-tastic! Oh don't worry, i've only just fallen out of a tree house nothing much!" I grumbled, sitting up and rubbing my head. She clambered down the ladder and helped me up.

"I think you tore your jeans a little" She said, peering at my slashed skinnies.

"Ah. Nah. They're supposed to be like that" I smiled, walking off "Well, you coming or not?" she was quite a slow walker.

"I do have a name, y'know"

"I know, Willow. And i have a name too"

"Yeah, of course, i remember that"

"You don't remember do you?"

"Yeah. Of Course i do, it's, well, it's uh-"
"It's Acantha"

"Oh i knew that!"

 We walked for a while. "So, where are you actually taking me?" She asked

"Ahh, It's a secret!" The look on her face then was priceless. She looked like she was about to die of frustration or something. "Kidding! We're going to the train station. I got a couple of allies over there."

She nodded, and we kept walking. "Can't we get a bus or something?"

"Hasn't Hank told you? Your kind isn't welcome here! Do you have any idea what they'd do if you got on a bus? Jeez!" Willow gave me a look of confusion. "What exactly do you mean, my kind?" She asked. Hey, I knew she'd ask eventually. "I know this is all kind of sudden, but your a vampire." I told her. She gave me a look of confusion and disbelief. "Well why arent I killing everyone then?" asked Willow I just told her that it was a long, complicated story and she'd find out eventually. She seemed to accept that. "We're nearly there now, I'll explain on the train." I told Willow. She nodded and we kept walking.

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