The Twilight Saga

Willow's point of view


When the train station finally came into view,I almost passed out with relief. My legs were aching, my head was pounding, all I wanted was to sit and rest; which I could do easily on a train. Acantha steered me towards the ticket booth and bought two tickets on the 13:45  train to Seattle. It was only just turned one. I looked at my companion "So we've got time to kill." I stated. She rolled her eyes "we have absolutely no time to kill, we're late!" I gave her a puzzled look but she dragged me off to platform 6. Our tickets were for platform 9! "Acantha-" I started to say "No, Willow. Save it for the train." I know a hopeless case when I see one, so I kept my mouth shut. A train pulled into platform 6, and in the midst of a huge crowd, three men started walking towards us. They were roughly the same size, but  stugk out like a sore thumb.The middle one stood out the most-  he was the best looking and had bright red hair.


When they approached us, the red haired one spoke "What's the deal, Acantha, Whose the girl?" She looked at him with icy eyes and said "I'll explain on the train." It took us a full half hour to reach platform 9, as it was on the other side of the station. We sat in the train for a bit and watched the red haired guy take out a 'reserved' sign and place it on the glass of the carriage door. He sat down. "So." He said "It looks like someone's got some explaining to do." Acantha said to him "Willow, this is Gerard, Mikey and Ray." Each one nodded at the mention of their name "And guys, this is Willow. She's a new vampire and Hank wants her to evaccuate. Oh Willow- FYI, vampires are prohibited in California. So, we're taking you to Seattle, We're the guys and I were trained." She went on and on explaining everything. It turned out, I was going to a place called the Trilby Academy, a place where new vampires were trained for what they were created for- world domination. And I wasn't killing everyone because the thirst takes a few days to kick in, apparently. But that part didn't matter.World domination.It sounded so evil, I mean there were innocent people out there! My family... that I knew nothing about... would die. I knew that wouldnt affect me because I didnt remember them, but still! They were innocent people! Or were they? I knew nothing of the world! This was so confusing! In the end, I just let the gentle rythm of the train take me into a world of sleep.



Emma xoxo

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