The Twilight Saga

the bell rang. now i felt sick! i did not want to go to this party at all. i put my stuff in my locker and headed over to ty's locker. when i got there he was still in class. some one cleared there throat.i turned around. he did not look famlilar. it was like when i looked at him his face lit up. i knew that look. he liked me. here it goes.
;hello!" he said.
"hi! my name is Taylor!" i said smiling.
' my name is Cole Botmen!" he said.
" nice to meet you!" i said.
"you too! do you have a boyfriend?" he said.
"yes ,she does. he is me!" john said from behind him. Cole turned around at his face droped. he must like me too much!
"yes! this is my boyfriend, John Boreland." i said.
" i know him.." he said.
" can i join the party?" Ty asked behind me.
"go ahead!"i said. i was lucky John had come when he did!
"well the party has to end!" john said.
"yeah! i got to take ty home,bye!" i said.' we better go!" i whispered to ty. he had a smile on his face. i knew i had turned pale.
"so he likes you!" ty said.
"yes! yes he does." i said. this was a pain! almost all the guys liked me!! when we got to ty's house his dad was out side.
'hello,taylor!" he said.
"hello,dax!" i said.
"well you got a party so you better go!" ty said.
"bye,guys!" i said. as i drove back home i had a vison. there was going to be a break in when i get home? but where? i was home. i when in side to get ready. i put on L.E.I. jeans and my favortie tang top. then i put on some high heeled flip flops. i heard a huge crash down stairs. i slowly walked down stairs. in a blink of an eye there was a very handsome man. A vampire. why was he here? i knew i was in danger but it was hard to run. was i in danger? he smiled a very painful smile. i knew i was in danger but before i think a word i was hit on the back of my head. i slamed into the wall. was i going to die?

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Comment by J. Hale addict on March 28, 2009 at 12:46pm
wow, that was amazing

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