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i knew vampires are real,but never thought they lived in new york.i jumped up and tried to run away,but as clumsy as i was i triped. i felt a sharp pain in my leg. he jumped on top of me. he touched the back of my head. i saw the blood. he licked his hand. i was about to throw up. i do not like blood. i noamally fait but i was to scared. he grabed my hand and tried to bit me.
"get off of HER!"john yelled. he jumped from the door and hit him. they both stumbed off of me.
" i... cant...BREATH!"i screamed.
"sophine help her!" john yelled.
"ok. are you ok taylor?"she asked. NO im not! i sreamed inside my head.
"take her to jim!'' he yelled. she put her armes around me and begun to run. two second's later we were at a house.
"jim!" sophine yelled. a very handsome man was in front of me.
"she cant breath!"she said. my heart came to a stop. my eyes slowly closed as i tuke my last breath. death is peaceful. at least thats what i thought.
i opened my eyes. why was i alive? i got out of bed and walked down stairs.I peaked around the wall. john was cooking.
" i thought vampires dont cook?"i asked.
"well we dont. but i am." he said.
"why am i alive?" i asked.
"vampire blood."he said and pointed to his wrist.

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Comment by J. Hale addict on April 2, 2009 at 5:33pm
that was awesome!!!!!!!
Comment by Helene Ashley on April 2, 2009 at 2:11am
wow! It's so good.

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