The Twilight Saga

"vampire blood?" i asked. i looked at his wrist. it had a cut.
"yeah." he said.
"nasty!!" i said. he was quiet for a while. I never heard vampire blood heals humans. Huh? thats strange.
"sometimes your hard to understand." he said.
"yeah, i guess so." i said.
" i wander why you could not breathe?" he asked.
"me too." i said. I turned around to go back up stairs.
"wait!" he said.
"what?" i asked.
"be careful when your not with me." he said. it sounded like im a danger magnet.
" am i a danger magnet?" i asked.
"yeah." he said. ok... maybe i was.
"so what do you want to do?'' i said.
"yuor choice." he said.
"what do vamps do for fun?" i asked. i always wanted to know this.
"run. hunt.'' that sent a chill down my spine.
'' run?"i asked. i wanted to see how fast he ran.
"no." he said.
" please!?!" i begged.
"maybe.." he said ''ok yeah later." he said but sounded like he regrent it. I won, was i always going to win?
"eat." he said.
"ok." i said as i walked to the table. as i ate i thought how it was going to be. he had said once before "we all thrist for you blood." i was thinking how it would be to be a vamp. NO, i repeated over and over. i did NOT want to be come a vampire. i thoughtsooner or later i might become one.
"just one thing, john." i said " i am NOT becoming one of you." i said to him.
"i will not." he said with a hint of maybe i should.
"NO!!!" i said again. the door bell rang. i jumped up and ran to the door, john was there before me. i sighed when i saw him there before me. i opened the door. suprised to see Cole and Ty.
"hello.." i said. i think they both looked mad to see john here.
///////(later that day..)///////// "i wounder why they both came." i had told john.
"they like you!" john growled. TEMPER, i yelled in my head.
"well i know that!!!" i said.
"mutts.." john mumbled under his breath. Mutts? dogs? wolfs?? dont tell me that they are somthing too!!!

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