The Twilight Saga

Our Father in Heaven
Always knows what is best,
And if you trust in His wisdom,
Your life will be blessed...
For always remember that,
Whatever betides you,
You are never alone,
For God is besides you....

This quote inspires me the way the twilight saga series does..

Every time i fell alone and wanted to be with someone, God is always beside me and will help me through it, just like how Jacob lost Bella to Edward and felt lonely, but when he looked in the eyes of Nessie, he knew he had a reason to live. People may think that being alone and lonely sometimes is because of people not caring for them, but in this world there is always someone that will be there for you in times of pain and suffering and loneliness, and that someone is a very special someone. For God created humans to be together no matter what race they're in, and no matter what tribe they're from. What is important is that every one deserves an eternal partner in God's eternal kingdom........

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