The Twilight Saga

Chapter 2
Scene 1

Setting: Since Mysticeye fainted the vampri carried her to her bed room, Aro has called a meeting to with all the vampri.

Aro calls a meeting and every vampire is sitting in a double circle around three thrones, the meeting is about, of course, Mysticeye. Some vampri think that a missing queen would cause too much attention. And some think that it is not right to change a human just because one favors her, even if he loves her more than a mother loves her child.

Aro: If we do not change her she will die, Caius would not allow her to die and it will happen anyway, it is moot point. Caius will not be able to stay away from her, now that he has seen her face. He was doomed from the start.

Caius: It is funny that you say doomed. Do you think treachery will come from me loving her?
Marcus: Actually, I do think she is a bit too good for you, nothing good will come from it.
Caius: Shut your mouth Marcus, no one asked for your opinion.
Marcus: Well, excuse me.
Aro: I agree with Marcus, you have been a tyrant, especially with the whole Cullen situation a few decades ago.
Marcus: It seems to me like you don’t deserve her.

In the throng of vampires were the Cullen’s without Renesme because she grew up and started to live with Jacob.

Carlisle Cullen: Without a doubt she is out of your league.
Alice Cullen: it is wrong to change her without her permission, she doesn’t even know who or what we are.
Edward Cullen: I don’t know Alice; I sensed an all knowing sensation radiate from her aura.
Bella Cullen: Didn’t you read her mind?
Edward Cullen: Well, it seems you aren’t the only one who escapes me there, love.
Aro: So she is gifted, how wonderful.
Carlisle Cullen: You overlook one detail Aro; her royal court will notice that their queen is missing.
Aro: I have not overlooked that Carlisle, I have sent Megan and Karlisa to bring the highest members of her court here and have sent James and Irwin to stun them into oblivion and to keep them busy enough to not notice.
Jasper Cullen: You have done this without our permission.
Marcus: YOUR permission?
Aro: Last time I checked WE were the Volturi. If we want to kidnap a queen, then by me we will.
Caius: If she does not want to stay we will let her go.
Marcus: No we won’t.
Caius: No we won’t.

And so the fight went on and on like that for a couple of hours no one getting tired or giving up. The decision was made and put into action even before the meeting, the royal court of the Queen were arriving at that very moment. Jane and Alec gave them an exclusive tour of the castle, and gave them accommodations they said were from the expense by the queen who was to be staying at the castle since she was too unwell to fly back to Egypt.
The royal court included the lord of the queen: Yahmanway; the lady of the Queen: Tawney; the Uncle of the queen: Kior; the cousin of the Queen: Mystorexel; the Queens Jesters: Jack Mo, Tally Mondal and the poet Friday Morni.

The Vampri were in the Guest hall arguing over whether or not they could tell the Queen and her court what they were.

Aro: We cannot tell anyone, if we tell them they ALL must die.
Marcus: we can only tell the queen when she is in love with Caius.
Alice: What if she doesn’t fall in love with Caius? Will you kill her? Will you let her go? Will you change her anyways?
Caius: Do you see her not loving me?
Alice: I can’t see anything; the future is unclear at the moment.
Aro: Well then, don’t make assumptions, only time can unveil the future.

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