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Gone but not Forgotten-Chapter 1-Is it really you?

I looked out my window. I heard my mom close her door. I got up and grabbed my jacket. I climbed out my window. I walked down the dimmly lite street. I finally reached the park. I sat in the spot. The spot where i lost my heart. I sat there. 10 years earlier

"You cant get me." I yelled at Late. I turned and started running. I looked back and saw that he was right behind me. He pushed me. "Got you." He said. I fell to the ground my arm hitting it. I felt pain. I started crying. I looked at Late. "You pushed me too hard dummy." I yelled at him. "Sorry Baby." Maybe i shouldnt play with babies then. He yelled back at me. I got up and pushed him. He looked at me. I stuck my tongue out. I felt bad though inside. Late got up. "I'm sorry." I said. Late smiled. "Me too." He said. I opened my arms. He walked towards me and hugged me. I pulled away but Late grabbed me. He kissed me. My heart was beating really fast. When he pulled away his eyes were real big. "Sorry i have to go." He said running away. I stood there my chest hurting now. That was the last time i saw Late Peterson.


6 years later

I sat there in the same spot. I wiped the tears from my face. I didnt realize at the time but that was my first heartbreak. I closed my eyes and pictured my best friend. The bestfriend who even at 6 years old i was in love with. I wondered what he looked like now. I opened my eyes when i heard a sound. I got up and looked around. I knew that was a sign i needed to go home. I walked home. I still had the feeling that someone was watching me though. I climbed back through the window. I changed my clothes and went to bed. I got up right as my alarm clock started going off. I took a shower and dressed quickly. I wanted to be out the house before my mom woke up. I decided to floral shirts with a pink drape top. I combed my hair down. I pulled it back with a ribbon that i tied into a bow. I hurried and put my makeup on. I put a light pink and gold tones lightly on my eyes. With a little lip gloss. I stood back and looked at myself. I smiled at what i saw. I grabbed my stuff and tiptoed downstairs. But my stomach dropped when i saw mom in the kitchen. I took a deep breathe. I walked into the kitchen. I turned my back to her. I could feel her eyes boring into me. "So now you cant speak?" She said in a brittle voice.


"Hi mom." I said dryly. I hurried and made my breakfast trying to get away from her. "Ariana?" She said to my back. "Yeah?" I said. I kept my eyes on the toaster. Wishing my Toast would pop up already. "Ariana i'm your mother turn around when i'm talking to you." She said. I kept my back turned though. She grabbed my arm and swun me around. Then i felt the famailar sting agaisnt my face. "When i say look at me you need to look at me do you hear me?" She yelled in my face. I could smell the achohol. I let the tears fall. "Yes." I said with venom in my voice. She let go of me. "Now i need you to come home right after school so we can go cash that check." She said. "Do you hear me?" She said. I nodded. Finally my toast popped up. I grabbed it and my smoothie and ran out to my car. I started my car and drove like it was no tommorow. I got to school 15 minutes early i took that chance to eat. I finished and just like my mind wander. I closed my eyes. I guess sleep found me. Because when i woke up i was realized it was 7:45am.  I looked at my wrist. It was a little ring where she grabbed me. I sighed. I went through my bag for makeup. I found it and dabbed it lightly on the brusie. Right as i finished the school bell rang. I looked at myself one time. I grabbed my stuff and walked towards the building. I walked to my first period class. It was Ms. Lakaute. English. I smiled as i walked in. She was a small petite woman. She was pretty. I was late too class.Everyone looked at me. "Welcome to Junior english and you are?" She asked me. "Ariana Julio." I said. "Oh, Your the faboulous writer that everyone talks about." She said. Her smile broadended. "Yes i guess so." I said shyly. "We'll welcome to my class." She said. I smiled and turned. I turned to see the person who broke my heart 10 years ago. I gasped. "Late?"


Songs that i wrote too-



Authors note-

Hi everyone. Okay so this is my "Baby" Ariana is going to be a somewhat strong but weak in ways character. Ariana's and Lates Relationship is going to be rocky. Somehow there is always going to be a connection in my stories. So yes there will be pasts uncovered and secrets that come to light. All i'm asking is give "Ariana and Late" a chance. Thanks!

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Comment by Jennifer Leigh Black on October 5, 2011 at 8:20pm
wow i love this its really great!!!!!

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