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I look up at the sky
Waiting for a shooting star
So then I may wish for you to be mine
Yet, those dreams seem so far

For so long, I made myself believe
You and I were to shine from the sun
But I'm left in despair
Knowing that I am not the one

It tears me up
When you stand with another guy
It breaks my heart
And now I don't even know why

Does the heart lie
Does it tell the truth
But even now, everything I try
Just isn't enough for you

I must stop myself
Before this heart of mine is broken again
I must commit myself
To stop this love from remaining

Only I am to be blamed
Knowing that I broke your heart
Once, twice, and more
I am left broken all apart

I wish I could give all that I am
To be everything you want
But now I understand what I must do
And that is to say goodbye, to my one and only love.

by Edward cullen

Anndrea lee

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Tags: poetry


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