The Twilight Saga

       Sawyer Danes is one of those spoiled, bratty kids. Even though his parents are divorced, both are very wealthy. When he was younger his every demand would be met by demanding or just flashing a smile. Considering his parents were divorced, there was that constant guilt that surfaced in the pit of Mr. and Ms. Evans whenever they looked into his eyes. Behind all that money, greed, bribery and manipulating, he was just a scared little kid not knowing exactly what to do or what to say so he hid his problems with money. 

          When Sawyer got into Middle and High school he immediately hated the idea of having to do meaningless homework when he could be out doing something else equally meaningless. So he began paying a girl in his Trigonometry class to do his assignments for him, Sawyer knew that she wasn't comfortable with this in the least but he didn't care. He was getting what he wanted and as far as he was concerned everybody else was going to have to just live with it. 

           He's your jock, but what makes him worse is that he's a jock with money. That gives him two overwhelming reasons to say that he's better than you in every possible way. Athletically, physically, and financially. The town of Vatican isn't exactly as poor as it looks from the outside, because it's mean to keep the rich out, but that didn't apply until he moved in. Sawyer was the reason the town hated the wealthy, besides the obvious "I have more money than you."

             He's a junior in Highschool and he's been skirting by on money ever since he had enough words mastered so that he could bargain, trick and make a deal. All the teachers have been oblivious to his schemes, and it isn't even a shock that they are. Did I forget something? Oh yeah, I did. His father signs their paychecks, helping them make ends meet and home, although it has become much more like a charity than a business for his father. 

             Ever since he had started getting these restricted text messages signed The Fates, his father's bank account has been slowly dwindling down, and they said if he doesn't find someone to help him change his ways without money, and his fathers money runs dry before he succeeds, the money won't be the only thing that's gone.


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