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Hello there people of Earth! I need some advice, please comment, it would really help me!

I'll call my friend 'S' and the guy 'F'

So I like this guy [ BIG shocker! ] But S likes him, too, but knows I like F. We don't fight, or get into stupid competitions over F, we're totally cool with it. S is really good friends with F, but I'm not, we just recently started talking. F found out S liked him, but was honest, and told S he didn't like her. But whenever my name comes up in a conversation F is in, F's face goes red - he starts blushing. S told me that she's seen the way he looks at me, which kinda looks like this: :0

A nerdy friend of F's even told me that F likes me, but I didn't believe it. S tells me that she knows F likes me, and I'm starting to believe it. But I'm really shy around guys, especially F. Any advice? Suggestions? Anything? I just really need help!

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Comment by Alice Adalia on August 23, 2009 at 7:07pm
Thanks so much for the advice!!! Once, S told me that she wouldn't mind if I went out with him, that she would be ok with it, but I think she would be really hurt. I'm not sure, she doesn't really talk about feelings and stuff like that.
Comment by Kat on August 16, 2009 at 11:48am
Go for it.

If S didn't want you to be with him, she wouldn't tell you that she sees the way he looks at you.
I was shy in high school, too. But you have to go for it. When you're in a group together, go up to him & say
"wow, they're being really loud. Wanna go talk somewhere?" If he likes you, he'll say yes. Just talk about anything. About a class you share, or how gross/good lunch was that day. Then ask him if he'd like to go see a new movie coming out. Say "i heard (insert movie title) was suppose to be really good. Did you wanna maybe see it with me?"

Look, all the guy can do is say no. That's it. It's not a big deal. So, do it! Good luck!

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