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hey this blog is for all my reviews and bloggish other stuff
so i thought the movie was like all pop star she was just that girl and im not even saying that in a good way but any way she was like shoes movies boys!!!!!!!!!!and her dad was like werte taking u to tennesse because she was suopposed to go to NY but yes plane crash (I WISH) LOL so she visits her family and her cosin /worker boy at the farm walks upm annd they explor then he asks her out and hannah montana has a lunch thing at the sametime the whole benifit consert for the town so shes like switching places at the same time then travis(The dude who asked her out) breaks up with her then shes all like i cant live a double life so then she has to choose one so during the benifit consert she takes off her wig and says this is home im not going back to cali4na bla bla bla so then little cindy lou is like but you must be hannah montana every one loves hannah montana NOOOOOOO NOT REALLY LOL so then travis 4gives her and they live happily ever after??? IDK
i thought the movie was good at times but not good like twilight but ok it was aimed for smaller kids that me i mean im 13 and i saw a movie for ten year olds LOL

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