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This scene happens in Chapter 1 of Twilight (after my Harvest Moon Part 1), at the end of the day after Bella first sees Edward. As with the rest of my book, Harvest Moon, this is in Jasper's POV.

I apologize for not writing my scenes in order. I just write them as they come to me. Perhaps, I will one day post the whole thing in order. We'll see if I get that far!!!

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Harvest Moon - Chapter 1 Part 2

At the end of school that day, we waited for our brother by his car. I was leaning against his silver Volvo with Alice wrapped around me. I had one arm around her waist, and the other was extended over her shoulder, holding an umbrella over the both of us. We did not need these umbrellas. I rather enjoyed the feeling of the water droplets hitting my face. There was something refreshing about it; renewing. However, humans were supposed to become ill when standing in the rain with no protection, or at the very least get a runny nose. Our bodies were not so weak and fragile, of course, but we were charading as humans, so we had to take the same precautions they would.

Rose did not share the same sentiment about the rain as I did. Emmett held the umbrella over her dutifully, but he could care less about getting wet. There was probably no umbrella big enough to cover the both of them anyway. Emmett was a huge 6 foot 5 inches, and one of the most muscular guys I had ever met. He would be fine being exposed to the elements. I half expected the rain to seek shelter from him! The irony is that Emmett is one of the most down to earth, carefree, and good-natured fellows on Earth. It was a wonder how he and Rose occupied the same space, let alone how they could manage a relationship.

Rose was growing impatient over waiting for our brother. She huffed and crossed her arms. “Uhn, where is he?!” She whined. Emmett just shrugged, holding the umbrella over her. He tried to placate Rose’s mood swings, but was often left in the dust. She just rolled her eyes at him.

“He’ll be here soon.” Alice offered in her bright tone, though she was a bit uneasy by Edward’s absence as well. Ever since lunch, she has been concentrating to try to see what Edward will decide about this new girl. Whatever happened between them, he will have to deal with it one way or another. We had never seen our brother so upset, especially over a trivial human. Alice had been worrying, but I have done my best to stay on top of her doubt and keep her afloat. I could not have my angel upset. That just would not do.

She smiled up at me. She knew that I enjoyed being out in the rain, that it calmed me. Despite my siblings’ impatience, I was in no hurry. The time when school lets out was my favorite part of the day. Everyone was in good spirits, excited about leaving school and whatever evening plans they had to look forward to. I did not mind standing here, absorbing the good feelings. The rain also meant that the smells were muted, being washed out. The sound of beating hearts were muted by the sound of the water falling down. I could relax and enjoy everyone’s optimism without the conflicting pain of desire. Alice knew me well enough to understand all of this. She stared up into my eyes. Her glowing golden eyes sparkled, even while standing here in the rain. Her shimmer caught me dead in my tracks every time. “You don’t mind waiting, do you sweetie?” She winked at me. “You’re enjoying yourself here.” I could tell that she was just enjoying the fact that I was content for once, instead of trying to stay on top of everyone else’s emotions.

I smiled down at her and rubbed her back with my one hand. “Yes, thoroughly.” I slightly grazed the tip of my nose against hers. Yes, I was enjoying myself. To top it all off, I had the love of my life in my arms. What could be better than that?

Leave it to Rose to ruin a good moment. “What happened to him earlier? Why was he so upset?” She was staring me down, knowing I would have the answer.

I sighed, maybe even rolled my eyes. So, it begins. “The new girl upsets him…”

“He said he can’t read her thoughts!” Alice interjected, repeating what Edward had told us earlier.

Rose and Emmett both froze momentarily, looking at each other. So, they had never heard of that before either. Emmett became curious, but not in any bad way. I could usually count on Emmett to stay balanced emotionally. At least as far as staying positive was concerned. Maybe that was why he was good for Rose. Especially since my sister had now settled into a low simmer of angst. I could feel her resentment towards both the girl and the whole situation entirely. I shook my head slightly. Yep, those good feelings from just a moment ago were now gone.

As if hearing his siblings talk about him, Edward rounded the corner of the school building at the far end of the parking lot. The administration building. Hmm, that’s not where he usually comes from at the end of the day. The others noticed this too, and were equally puzzled.

If my momentary contentment had not been killed by Rose, then they certainly would have been killed by Edward. Immediately, hatred, loathing, and even a slight trace of fear coursed through me. They hit me so hard, I gasped as if someone punched me. Alice jumped, startled by my reaction. It was hard to startle Alice. I took hold of her shoulder, partly to reassure her, but partly for my own support.

Edward rushed to the car, maybe a little faster than he should have infront of the humans. His face still wore a scowl. He had not calmed down from lunch. In fact, he seemed to have only gotten worse! I felt the others become worried. I pulled Alice closer to me, again for myself and also to comfort her. Rose was upset that something was setting off Edward so belligerently. Finally, seeing Edward’s face, Emmett also realized the severity of the situation, also becoming worried for our brother. Their anxiety and Edward’s hate collected in my senses. Not wanting my family to fall apart in the middle of the school parking lot, I concentrated on soothing their moods. Slowly, I felt them relax a bit. Alice loosened her grip on my arm. Rose neutralized, but I saw her give me a sideways glare. She knew I was using my skill to overpower their emotions. That’s okay, I just did not want my family to explode. Not here.

Edward was still fuming, even if less so than before. His fists were still clenched and his eyebrows furrowed. Only a few steps away now, he pressed his remote lock for the car so we could all pile in. Rose, Alice, and I sat in the back while Emmett hunkered in the passenger seat. I draped my arm behind Alice on the back of the seat as we settled in. I chose to sit behind Edward to be near him. Even if we were immortal, I knew Edward was too preoccupied to drive, and I wanted to help him clear his head. I would have to focus to calm him down enough.

“Quit it, Jasper! I don’t want to play your game right now!” Edward barked at me from the driver’s seat.

Alice instinctively grabbed my knee for support. Even Emmett was surprised by Edward’s outburst. It was unlike Edward to be so non-compliant. “I…was only trying to help…” I stammered, not quite sure how to feel. Alice’s sympathy reached me, though, and I squeezed her shoulder as a sign of gratitude.

“Yeah, lunatic!” Rose spoke up, glaring at Edward from behind the passenger seat. “He’s only trying to help so you don’t get us all killed!” Edward, briefly losing his anger, laughed maniacally at our sister’s statement. Emmett hesitated, then let out a deep guffaw. Even I couldn’t help but chuckle. I had to admit that Rose’s statement was humorous. Of course, no matter what Edward did to the car with us inside, we could not be killed.

With that, Edward started the engine and raced backward out of the parking space. I saw some of the students looking at us, with more suspicion than usual. They were puzzled by Edward’s behavior. So, they saw the difference too. This was not the time to act like a maniac.

“Just, try not to do anything…to attract attention.” I cautioned, knowing the students already had reason enough to be suspicious. What if they had seen Edward rush to the car at faster than acceptable human speed?

Edward didn’t respond to my warning, but his anger flared up again. It was laced with spite and resentment. He didn’t like me telling him what to do at this time. That was also unusual. Rose is usually the bull-headed one. Or perhaps Alice if she has one of her hair-brained schemes up her sleeve. But, Edward was always open to others’ opinions and advice. I did not like him shutting me off so quickly. I suppose he took offense to my accusation. Of course, at the moment, he was doing everything to attract attention. All that was left was to stand in the sunlight and take his shirt off. And I got the impression that he could not care in the least. I grunted in frustration. Alice looked at me questioningly, but I used my powers to keep her mood high, and I took her hand and held it on my lap. I would not let Alice be disturbed.

Fortunately, all of Forks High School was trying to leave the parking lot at the same time. Edward could not do anything foolish with the car while stuck in line. I usually enjoyed these delays, again picking up on the positive atmosphere of the students leaving school. However, I was now preoccupied with my brother, and trying to keep his mood steady. Edward was growling at a low rumble in his chest. We were all watching him, making sure he wasn’t going to do anything stupid. I glanced at my siblings. Surely, they were having the same thoughts I was, worried about Edward. The fact that he did not respond to our thoughts, our mental warnings, worried me further. He stared straight ahead, gripping the steering wheel.

“Yo!” Emmett balked, suddenly reaching over to smack Edward’s hands. Alice and I peered around the driver’s seat to see handprints indented on the steering wheel. Edward was not watching his own strength. I sighed. Maybe he was going to get us all killed.

Emmett’s interruption seemed to snap Edward out of it temporarily, though. The car slowly inched forward. “Sorry, Jazz…” Edward muttered, though I could still feel his frustration emanating from him. I suppose he read my hurt from his outburst before. He felt remorse from it now, but I let him stew in that for a while. Served him right for losing his temper. He huffed a quiet laugh, and I could imagine his crooked smile he must be wearing at that moment. “Yeah, you’re right.” He said quietly, as if a wild horse had just been tamed. I believed he was responding to my thought. That gave me hope. Perhaps he was tame now.

The car remained quiet as we inched towards the exit to the parking lot. Alice and my siblings were all still tense, waiting to see what Edward would do next. Alice’s eyes were closed and her fingers were holding her temples. She was concentrating, trying to see any courses of action Edward would take. I rubbed her arms gently, trying to ease her concerns. All the while, Edward quietly fumed, still clearly upset, but not consumed by the hatred from before. I decided to try again to calm my family down. I was already working on Alice, never wanting her to get upset. Her happiness was my top priority. Soon, she gave up focusing, letting go of that concern. She laid her head on my shoulder and I reached up to play with her hair a little. I knew that Alice loved it when I did that. She sighed in contentment.

I then worked on Edward. He didn’t fight it this time. I pushed out his anger, which took a little effort, and tried to replace it with peace. From my place in the back seat, I could see the muscles in his neck relax. Perhaps our family would be alright after all. I exhaled with relief. My siblings all began to let their guard down.

Slowly, the car made it to the end of the parking lot. The slow pace matched the resting atmosphere in the car. I had managed to neutralize my siblings. However, just as we passed the last row of cars, I felt Edward’s blind rage flare up again. A sharp hiss escaped his mouth. I winced at the force of his anger. It filled the whole space inside the car. I also felt my own despair at failing to keep Edward controlled. I saw him glare to the right of us, then look away abruptly. I looked over to see what had caused him to get upset again. And, of course. It was the girl again. She was standing next to an old beat-up Chevy. And she was staring right at us. Oh God. She has to know about us. Why else would she be so bewildered? The look on her face said it all.

Edward snarled. Our siblings saw the girl staring at us too. It was blatantly obvious. Now, we all looked at Edward for an answer. Alice gripped my hand. I could not stand her being upset. That always took my mind away from anything else going on around me. I again worked to calm her, rubbing the back of her hand with my thumb. Our brother only stared straight ahead again. As soon as the car exited the parking lot, he stomped on the accelerator. We weren’t even around the bend where the humans could not see us yet. Edward was not being safe. We all looked at each other.

“Edward, don’t be stupid!” Rose barked from the back seat. She was staring at him, her own anger rising up. If her eyes could have drilled holes in his head, they would have. “How could you tell that girl about us!?”

“I didn’t tell her a thing!” He screeched defensively. His hostility was still there, but I also felt something else creeping up inside him. A wild and confused hysteria. “I haven’t spoken a word to her!”

“Then why is she watching you?!” Rose argued accusingly.

“I. don’t. know!” Edward growled through his teeth. “I. can’t. hear. her!”

Bewilderment filled the car. I covered my face with my hand. All these forceful, swinging emotions in the confines of this car. I was beginning to understand what motion sickness felt like. Alice looked up at me, seeing the pained look on my face. Great. Now, she was worried about both Edward and myself. I peered at her from underneath my hand and smiled, trying to make her feel better. She smiled sweetly at me and patted my cheek. I knew she was still worried.

“Well, you did something!” Rose continued to berate our brother. “No one has ever watched us like that!” Emmett turned in his seat and reached out to hold Rose’s shoulder, trying to calm her down. She just huffed and dropped back into her seat, crossing her arms and staring at the window. Emmett could not reach her from there, but he kept an eye on her warily.

I took advantage of the quiet moment to take over the atmosphere of the car. I tried to disperse the tension building between my siblings. I felt as if a fog had been lifted from inside the car. I could almost feel their muscles relaxing. After mulling over something carefully, Edward was the first to break the silence.

“I didn’t do anything, Rose. I didn’t say anything. I avoided her as best I could.” He explained in a calmer voice. I could feel that he was still furious, at the girl and at himself. I still couldn’t see why.

“But why avoid her at all, man?” Emmett questioned Edward from the passenger seat doubtfully. “She’s just a normal human girl.”

“But she’s not normal.” Edward protested, some of his anger seeping through his voice again. “I can’t read her thoughts. I –“ He couldn’t finish his sentence, but I knew it wasn’t anything good. I could feel his anger rise up again. He let out a snarl.

“What is it, Edward?” Alice asked, concern laced within her angelic voice.

He hesitated. He didn’t want to tell us. His hysteria was coming back. “ I can’t…..I can’t.…” He paused. I realized he was afraid to tell us.

I reached for his shoulder from my place in the back seat. “It’s okay.” I said calmly. “You can tell us.”

I could tell he regarded my offer of sympathy, but he still doubted himself. He took a deep breath and tried again, “I can’t..…” No, it didn’t work this time either.

Suddenly, Edward pulled over to the side of the road. All eyes were on him. He was so messed up, even his superior vampire instincts could no longer help him drive. He laid his head on the steering wheel as his hands still gripped the wheel. He looked utterly helpless. I knew that he felt that way too. What was it about this girl that would turn my brother into this mess? Even Rose was in awe of this pathetic display.

Alice leaned over the driver’s seat and placed her hand on Edward’s shoulder. No one spoke. Everyone watched Edward, who sat there perfectly still. I tried my best to lighten their moods, to relieve everyone of their concerns.

Again, it was Edward to break the silence. When he opened his mouth, it seemed that everything he was holding back spilled out at once. “I can’t resist her!” He spit out, his voice shaking with emotion and muffled by the steering wheel, even though we could still hear him perfectly. “Her scent was so intoxicating. All I could do was imagine how best to kill her and have her blood for myself. It drew me in. I’ve never had this happen before. Not even before I became vegetarian. Humans are all the same. They’re all the same!” He punched the dashboard, as if emphasizing his point. His hand left an indentation. I silently tried to get Alice to sit back down, and she slinked back into my arms, keeping her eyes on Edward. “Why is she so different!? She smells so sweet. I just wanted more of her. I’ve never wanted anything so much in all my life!” He leaned back in his seat, looking up to the ceiling. He then cried out, as if towards the sky, “ And why can’t I read her thoughts!!!”

Alice grabbed hold of my arm and looked up at me questioningly. I concentrated on calming my brother, but all he did was lean forward, his face in his hands. Our brother had clearly lost it. Even Rose was at a loss for words.

I saw Alice’s eyes glaze over and her fingers went up to her temples. I knew she was having a vision. I turned my attention towards her that instant and placed my hand on her knee.

In the same instant, Edward sat up in his seat and looked around him, as if he had just woken up. “I’ve got to talk to Carlisle.” He said matter-of-factly. He opened his door and began to get out of the car. “Go on home without me.”

Alice then shook her head slightly. Her vision was over. I patted her knee supportively. She calmly looked over at Edward leaving the car and said, “Don’t be gone too long.” I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that. I didn’t feel any anxiety from her. Sympathy for Edward’s current state, but she was no longer worried about him. That gave me comfort.

Edward had already vanished, running towards the hospital where Carlisle works. Imagine a vampire so compassionate and self-sacrificing that he could work to help injured, often bleeding, humans. That was Carlisle. We all were in awe of him. It was his example that kept us in line during hard times. Disappointing him would be like disappointing our own father, because he was like a father to us. Edward went to him now for his advice.

Taking my cue from Alice’s positive reaction to her vision, I decided we were past the worst of this. I let go of my own tension and took Edward’s place behind the wheel. I started the car back up and headed towards home. “He’s going to be okay,” I said to the others, mostly to Rose and Emmett, since Alice already knew more than I did. I glanced back at her in the rearview mirror. She was already happily watching the scenery outside the window, nodding to some tune she must have had stuck in her head. I smiled to myself and exhaled with relief. If Alice was happy, I was happy.

“He’s going to have a helluva time explaining these dents to the body shop!” Emmett observed, smiling mischievously. He was already finding humor in the grim scene that just passed.

Rose shrugged, still staring out the window with her arms crossed. “He can just order another steering wheel, and the dent is not too bad. We can just pop it out.”

I watched my siblings and monitored their emotions as I drove. Everybody had calmed down. They were still puzzled, but the anxiety had left. That was good. Still, I sensed Rose was not letting it go entirely. She did not appreciate the intrusion on our happy family.

As if confirming what I felt from her, Rose let out a huff and muttered, “That girl is going to ruin us, I just know it.”

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Another amazing installment. Pretty close to the bit of Midnight Sun SM posted on her site (I am not as strong as you, I couldn't resist). You are quite the writer. ^.^
Comment by Mishelle on March 21, 2009 at 12:26pm
that was sooooooooooo good i loved it keep writing it was awesome you describe things so well in ur story its like i was there.

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