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has anyone read the draft of midnight sun?

hey. so we all know how midnight sun got leaked out onto the internet. ): so I was wondering, has anyone read it?? and what's your view on the book?? I've read that partial draft (sorry! I couldn't resist) and I think that it's wonderful!! it really shows you how much edward loves bella, and you get a deep sense of just how attached he is to her. it's amazing. and also, there were some parts that I said, "awww oh my god!" because they were so cute. like the part, where they're in the rain at the school and edward said bella's name, and then he said in midnight sun, something along the line of "when I said her name I got a huge surge of joy" something like that, and then if you read twilight and go to that SAME part, but from bella's perspective, when she says EDWARDS name, she thinks something almost exactly the same as edward. its adorable how they both thought the same exact thing. ok, so tell me your viewpoints in midnight sun!! (:

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Comment by Kelsey on March 21, 2009 at 6:55pm
same for me too. I think that my favorite perspective was from edward's point of view, because he thinks about things a lot more differently. and you finally get a look into his mind, and what he was thinking when he first met bella. my favorite part from it, I had to say, was the first night that he went into bella's room, and he said that he was changed. I loved that part. it really allows you to understand edward on such a different level.

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