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I have seen a lot lately of people dissing The Twilight Saga. I have to say its only because no body has read the book.If I was them they should be super excited about any book finally becoming a movie, because instead of imagining that world you can actually see it. Its a lot of books I read that are really good but they are not movies and hopefully this support to the Twilight Saga can create more oppourtunities for us to see our most favorite books be movies.

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Comment by Shawnte Brody on November 15, 2010 at 8:29pm
Im super excited to see BD Part1 I cant wait
Comment by Emanube on November 11, 2010 at 6:01am
Before reading Twilight (summer 2008) I thought all the madness around it was a little bit exagerated and just a good marketing operation. When I started reading I undertand that what Step wrote in that book was exactly what young people are looking and dreaming exciting adventure, something forbidden to do, something scary to get close to and finally love. I got involved into the plot even if too simple for my age and appreciated the easiness trhough which the author tell about teenage life and problems. The movie is the natural consequence of such a book...the reader loves to dream on by watching beautiful actors playing the plot which is already part of their culture. There are, true...You are deeply right..., so many good and capturing books which have never become movies, maybe because they did not caught the attention of producers just because they have been read by an "elite" of readers and ince producers aim at making money....the answer is easy. I agree with You when You say that supporting the Twilight saga could help other books to become movies. I hope so. Meanwhile I enjoy waiting for Breaking dawn chapter 1... and hope You'll do the same. Bye bye

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