The Twilight Saga

Hazy Patches-Chapter 4-Black Butterflies

I watched as the trees passed me. I fought the tears wanting to come out. I knew i had to be strong. I slowly saw the clearing and i knew i was reaching the school. My stomach started to flutter. "Janaila,Be strong." I whispered to myself. I saw the high school and i then i saw him. I pulled into the parking spot next to him. I took a deep breathe and got out. He looked at me and i could see the pain in his eyes. "Hi." He said quietly. I felt the tears fall over. I raised my hand slowly to caress his face. But i put it back down. But he grabbed it and put it on his chest. I looked down and somehow i felt the pain he was feeling. It was overwhelming. I put my hand down. "This is too much Seth." I said feeling like my heart was breaking. I looked up and Seth was right in front of me. "Let me explain." He said. I looked up at him. "Janaila after all weve been through i wouldnt never hurt you like that." He said with pain lacing his voice. I felt more tears filling my tears. "Janaila i love you more than you know." "Janaila she kissed me." Seth said. My heart was aching. I hated seeing him like this. But i just couldnt let him back him in. I moved my hand. I could see the pain ripping Seth apart. "I'm sorry,I cant do this Seth." I said looking him in the eyes. I turned and walked away from him. "Janaila you know she asked me did i really love you?" "Yes. Was my answer." "I love you." He yelled at me. I turned back around and looked at him. "I love you." I looked back and looked at Seth's broken face. "I love you." I said to him. I turned back around but i warm hand caught me and swun me around. Seth pulled me close and kissed me. My mind started clouding. It felt to right. But i found the will to pull away. "I cant." I said running away. I got in the car and drove away. My eyes were blurry and before i knew it all i felt was pain. Soon darkness reached me.

Songs that i wrote too-


Black Butterflies


The Fire

Cant survive

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Comment by Jennifer Leigh Black on September 21, 2011 at 1:54am
oh this is the best one yet!!! hahahaha i want more please!!!!

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