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So I have not been on this since, well, a really long time.  I feel bad since my cousin has her storys posted on here and I haven't read them when she reads mine.  So I'm going to try and get one here more often, maybe hopefully I get more friends so I can post this story I have been writing for the past 11 months titled The Elevator on the 56th Floor: The Zoey Morris Chronicals.  It really isn't about Twilight (however I do have a vampire/werewolf story written that is currently being rewritten and working on a second part?), and it's kinda hard to describe.  I guess you can say it's kinda twisted and it for sure will leave you asking questions.  The story itself is written into several small parts all leading to the final part that will leave you probably in a OMG moment .  This story (the first two parts of the story that is already written) has been read by several people, including my old Creative Writting teacher/poet/author and all have given me positive feedback and begging me to finish up the next part (which is currently being written along with better titles and photos to go along with major parts of each part).  So if I can get more friends, I can add the story on here (as well as my vampire/werewolf story when the final editing process is finished) for you all to enjoy.  I have the elevator story on another blog on so if you want the link feel free to ask :)

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