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Well I had a very exciting night with Lia last night...she came over w/chinese and we watched Twilight with the commentary and wasn't I completely right that everything that came out of her mouth mimicked everything that they were saying on in the movie!! There were some scary points that I had to shield her eyes from...mainly the behind the scenes footage when Rob still had crazy hair...but I'm sure she was still having nightmares about giant hairy eyebrows chasing her down a long scary corridor, haha. Anyway, it was fun and the important thing is we didn't get in trouble for about 2 hours:-)

Other than that, life is back to normal for now, unless I end up contracting swine flu (considering I've caught every other disease imaginable this year!) but according to Paris Hilton if you don't eat pork you don't have anything to worry about! (Laughing so hard I'm peeing my pants) Thank you Paris for making my life that much more enjoyable and for proving once again that you can buy a lot of body parts, but brains ain't one of them!


P.S.-anyone who might actually read this...check out Twilight Lexicon...they have a video up about Twilight with cheeseburgers...highly enjoyable, I laughed for 10 mins straight...hence the peeing in my pants issue:-)

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