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here is a song/ poem to my BFF, whereever you are, I really hope this reaches you.

Hey, darl'n with the broken smile,

 I'm here if you wanna talk or cry for a while,

 just put down the blad you don't need that,

 that does'nt lead no where,

 oh, darl'n please come home...

 cause I miss you.


I miss the way we skipped home after a school dance,

 laugh'n at those boys,

 who thought they were good enough,

 for my BFF

 I wish I could have stopped you.


He din't diserve you or your heart,

 I wish I could have stopped you,

 So he would'nt have it to break...

 I wish I could have told you,

 that road does'nt lead anywhere.


I miss...

 how you got me to wear

 the crazy-est outfit besides yours in town,

 you transformed me...


From a school nerd

 to a fairy Queen,

 from a social outcast to someone,

 happier then anyone's ever seen.


I wish I could'a stopped you,

 but you pulled away,

 I should'a told you

 put down the blade,

 you don't need that,

 but I did'nt think you'd listen.


Once you found him,

 it did'nt seem like our friendship would stay,

 but your still my BFF

 I'll help you if I can,

 So darl'n please come home.



                                                                                  Ree, if your reading this, please come home.

                                                  And to anyone who's ever been heart-broken, know that you're not alone and others 

                                                  will be with you as you cry, if only you'll ask them.


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