The Twilight Saga

here is the beginings of another story... not sure what to call it yet.

(part of) Chapter one
     I walk in the class room after summer break. I see the words 'Soul' and 'Mate' written on the chalk board.
'Hmm. What do they mean?' I think as I walk to my seat in the back of the classroom.
    I try to remember ; I Know I've heard it somewhere before... but can't quite recall it. I think I heard my parents speek of it in hushed tones. Then when I came in, they stopped.
                What does it mean? Why whenever you ask an adult about it, they look so shocked? Like us "children" arn't suposed to know about it, some top secret knolige only adoults can know... Exsept that in the last ten years, 'it's' suposidly 'happening earlyer', like in teen years...
             "Everyone, please take your seats, thank you.
"I know some of you are suprised to be placed in this class. In fact, all of you should be. This class isn't ushally offered to anyone near your age.
    But in light of resent events in the past recent years, it is now needed for you to know, and most likly learn quickly."
    "Excuse me, but what does soul mate mean?" Asks a girl in the frunt.
"That, Miss. Cho, is what you, and everyone else in this room, will be learning this school year. But first, all of you will have to take oths, promising that you will not tell the younger generations. Just like your mothers, fathers were not aloud to tell you, and there mothers and fathers were not aloud to tell them till it was time.


    It turns out that we didn't even begin to learn about what ever this 'Soul Mate' thing is today. We only took there oths and made there promisess. Promisess on something we don't know. What is Soul Mate? Why is it so important?
    Anyway, my name is Lillyan Howl. Pritty weird right? I don't know what my parents were thinking, but I sort of like it. It's a name people remember.
   I go to Nallen's Bording School for All. The all being very important. That means they alow everyone; witches, wizerds, all kindsa of Fey, werwolves, vampires, even humans. That is, if there parents will let them come.

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Comment by Katie Williams on May 31, 2011 at 11:52am
gr8 i cant wait to read it its gonna be amazing
Comment by Sindya on May 30, 2011 at 7:29pm
yes, i'm continuing it. :) I've actually written a few more pages of it, just not tiped it.
Comment by katie hile on May 29, 2011 at 7:39pm

you should continue it!


Comment by Katie Williams on May 29, 2011 at 6:46am

kwl r u gonna continue it?


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