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Hey guys so this will be my second time posting a blog, hippie!! So I was at Walmart today and I noticed there were shelves with Twilight books and so I decided to go over here and take a look and guess what!? There were three different shelving units that had Twilight stuff on it and each unit had four different sides with different Twilight items on it! Unbelievable right! So one side had the books of course, the second side had Twilight and New Moon book marks and pins with Bella, Edward, Jacob and then one of Edward and Bella and another side had New Moon stickers and paper cups and paper plates and napkins. I love Twilight and everything, but even I think this has gone a bit too far. But that's not all there was, the were Twilight and New Moon jigsaw puzzles and there were Edward and Jacob and Bella and Jasper dolls and even board games! I saw on the internet that there was twilight chocolates even and twilight make-up, which I have seen in some local stores. I think that this is too much, don't you? Like I stated before, I love twilight, in fact I adore twilight and consider myself a humongous fan, but I believe that this has gone just a little too far. So tell me what your guys' opinion is on this matter. Have they gone too far, or do you want them to make more stuff?
That's all for this blog post.I'll try posting tomorrow, but I might not be able to because it's my first day back to school from spring break. I hope you had a good one, I know I did!!! :P

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Comment by Corrine O on March 15, 2010 at 7:27pm
Ya I love the books, the movies are ok I suppose, but the other stuff is just
too much...thanks for sharing your opinion, you are the first person to comment on my blog.I will be posting something else today as well if you wanna check it out, I just haven't quite figured out what im going to be writting about yet...and again, thank you for sharing you thoughts on the matter!! XD
Comment by Stephanie C on March 15, 2010 at 2:40pm
I totally agree! I LOVE twilight, I think the books are amazing, but its getting out of control! I don't really even think the books should have been made into movies though so...

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