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Hey Everyone,

so i finally find my way here *squee*
First of all, this place looks really awesome *thumps up*

And now, may i introduce myself...

My Name is Jess, i´m 20 years old (*sob*) and born, grow up and still living in Erfurt (a rather small town in Germany).
I´ve been dazzled by the Twilight Series for about... 10 month.
I got bitten by it on a german Harry Potter board, where they talked about Rob Pattinson and him beeing cast in a movie called Twilight. As a big RPattz fan, i needed to know more about it. And bought the first book via (because the english version wasnt available in stores at this point, and the german version was just too expensive...).

Now, 10 month later... i am so proud of beeing a part of this fandom. Well most of the time anyway...

In my freetime:
- I´m helping out a german Twilight Fansite called by doing Translations, Books- and Movie Tips and hanging out in the community.
- I teach Kids in the age of between 4 and 6 how to skate on Ice and hopefully see them becoming a figure Skater (like me *wihi*).
- I do read a lot of books (of course)
- Meet up with friends to watch movies or hang out....
- Play wierd Dance Games
- And chat with my friends and community members online ^^

My Top-Fan-Moment last year was, when i travelled all the way to a friend (Faithy *squee*). To watch the Twilight Movie in a US-Cinema, over 1 month before it´s official german release...
(Unfortunatly i wasn´t in the country when the Twilight Stars where in Munich *cryyyy*)

Ok, enough on my part for now...
if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

See you later,

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