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hey twilight fans what do you think about this?

I've been thinkin alot about how i can never enter a twilight contest, how i'll never meet Stephenie Meyer or any person out of the twilight saga movies.Then it came to me, alot of persons must be thinking the same thing.I know what you guys must be thinking right now what is this crazy girl talking about well here it goes,I live in Montego bay, Jamaica and I strongly beleive and I honestly dont want to offend anyone but,why is it that whenever there having any form of twilight contest international or whatever there is never a option for someone from a country like Jamaica to enter, I mean our country is never on any list for us to even try and alot of persons in Jamaica and countries alike dont have the privilege to travel out side their own country or region( in this case the caribbean) and that might be a factor to why where not included,so i say why not have a contest for caribbean countries you know give us that opportunity to be apart of the beautiful twilight world.So all you twilight fans tell me what you think and if I miss one contest that i could of enter which i strongly doubt please let me know.

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