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we darted around tree's just as fast as any vampire could. my heart felt like it was sitting in my throat. Aaliyah and i ran neck and neck.the sun was beginning to set. my mind couldnt settle on a plan. what if we got there and found the babies dead? what would we do then? i refused to think that way. out of desperation i let out a piercing howl. i knew that the others would hear it. my howl was the only thing that made a sound. i smelled Brittney all around me. i glanced in Aaliyah's direction to see if she felt the same. she growled in return to my thought. 

         i smell her too...with that being said we knocked it up another gear and practically flew up the hill to the beat up old mansion. by then Brittney's scent was gone,but her smell was to close to the house for me to stop panicking. the front door was to small for us to fit through so we ran around to the back of the house and hopped the fence with ease. once my paws touched the ground my nose followed. i sniffed the grass begging,pleading that i would not find Brittney's smell here. or better yet,blood.i didnt want to but i had to open the glass door. i shifted back to my human form. at the moment i didnt care if i was naked..i slid the glass door open and whistled to Aaliyah. she looked at me and i nodded inside. she nodded in return and trotted back around the pool. she flew past me into the house. i walked in and ran up next to her. i pet the ruff fur behind her ears..

"check upstairs.." i said lightly. she nodded and flew up the angel stairway. i heard her paws hitting the floor. i walked down the corridor on the first floor pushing open every door..terrified at every empty room. finally the last door stayed closed. i laid a shaking hand on the nob and opened the door. what i found was shocking. i found three human children sitting in the middle of the floor. the little girl had blue eyes and pale blond hair. the boy on her right had golden eyes and smooth brown hair. the last that sat on her left had dark brown eyes and pitch black hair.they were gorgeous,but these couldn't be the same pups that were here yesterday..they were to old. the kids that were here last night couldn't have been at least ten weeks old. these children were at least five or six years old.. they couldn't have possibly aged over night. could they?

i couldn't take my eyes off of the little girl...she looked just like Brittney. her face reminded me of her. i heard Aaliyah's paws on the first floor. she eventually came next to me and looked in the room. she was shocked as well.

are they...?

"yeah,their the pups"

the girl looks just like her

"i know" i whispered. they just starred at us with their big eyes. my head cocked to the side. paws were making their way up the hill. Aaliyah darted out the back door,over the fence and to the front of the house. i shifted then,without even thinking. the children remained quiet. i waited,holding my breath and guarding the babies. Aaliyah then walked through the front,human.Along with Allie and Bruce. i relaxed once i saw their faces.i kept my eyes on their faces as i went back to my normal human size. everyone stopped dead to look at the kids.

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