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I go outside and stare at the darkness ahead. I pushed my blond- ish hair out of my eyes. “Wow, I guess I really like him.” I thought to myself. Then I reached into my back pocket of my skinny jeans for my vibrating phone. “Hey, umm can we talk” was on the screen.

I dialed the familiar number. It took three rings for him to answer. “Hello.” He said “Kyle it’s Lucy.”
“ Hey I was gonna’ ask you if you wanted to come over to watch movies over my place tonight.”
“Sure.” I said nervously. Hope he hadn’t heard the sudden change in my voice, but I think he had. “Kay’ I’ll be over in ten!” I half ran into the bathroom. I ran my fingers threw my tangled hair and put blue eyeliner and black mascara on. I changed out of my old ripped sweatshirt and I put on a mid-arm green-stripped shirt he once complimented. Before I knew it he was here. I grabbed my purse and threw in a Champaign pink lipstick tube. I rushed out the door. As I turned my head I meet his eyes. He had the most beautiful forest-green eyes. I pulled out the passenger door. “You.look.beautiful.’’ “Thanks” I murmured as I felt my cheeks get hotter, and he laughed at that. We mostly sat in silence until I finally asked what we where going to watch. He said you’d see. We arrived at the small white ranch I remember from when I was a kid. We walked up the stairs; they seemed so much taller back then. We walked in, and became swarmed by dogs. “Hey, buddy!’’ I said petting a yellow lab’s head. “Lucy, honey you’ve gotten so big!” “Thanks Mrs. rush.” I had moved for 5 years since I was 11. Of course she would say that. Then I turned my head and saw Kyle motion for my to come over. I sat on the black leather couch. He grabbed the remote from the table on his right. I stared at the screen. I saw a round childish face, with big eyes and naturally curly light blond hair down the straight edge of her back. She turned around I saw the excitement in her eyes as a little boy with curly black hair came around with a white rabbit stretching in his hands. She squealed. “That’s you and me when we where 4.” He said teasingly. I starred at the young girl she starred back at me; eyes full of surprise, like she just walked into a surprise birthday party. The clip ended and the screen went black the next clip started. It was the same girl but older now wearing light wash jeans and a hot pink tank top and a half way zipped-up white hoodie. She had her straight hair in a braid hanging on her right shoulder. “Ugh!” she moaned, “c’mon we got to get this paper done!” she almost shouted “alright but there’s always time to create memories.” Now a taller version of the boy before was sitting at what looked like a kitchen table. “9.” The girl in the picture rolled her eyes and again the screen went black. He paused it “umm this was your going away party when we where 11” he pressed play. I could pinpoint me out of the picture. I had short curly blond hair clipped on the right side. She had I purple mid-thigh party dress on. “Okay, Kyle what’s going on” she said breathlessly, as they ran down the hall. “Umm we’ve been friends forever and I have a sorta’” she leaned in and pressed her lips to his forgetting the camera completely “umm sorta’ that!” she mocked. She walked away red-faced. “Wow!” was all the boy said. The next one was of two men sitting at a table playing poker. One was short maybe 5’6,with black curly hair like Kyle’s and almost black eyes. The other was tall. He had to be 6’ feet. He had sandy blond hair. I knew exactly who it was. I barley noticed the millions of tears running down my face. “Hi daddy!” the girl in the clip said. I ran out of the house sobbing. “Lucy wait.” Kyle said. I but I didn’t stop. I just couldn’t bear it.

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Comment by Nessie Black on December 23, 2010 at 7:15pm
LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D this is so awesome!
Comment by lizzie on October 27, 2010 at 8:12pm
feel free 2 leave comments. i want 2 know if u like it, and if i shouuld continue. i already have it written up but i won't put it on if the majority don't like it!
Comment by Brookie on October 26, 2010 at 7:54pm
i like it!

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