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so nothing happening atm but you no how life goes.. so making vids atm just to ya no amuse but it harder than i thought ha whoops!!!!

sooo updating blog havent done it for a while so a few funny thing i saw to day were..............

somebody (one of thee frendz) fell over on black ice and screamed thee village down ha shouldnt laugh so if u laughed u r so going to hell!!! ha joke!

ermm our bus stallling on a hil whoops epic fail!!!! but you know.

ooooooooo one thing did happen today which was quite awesome .... as i was waiting for thee school bus i saw this car go by and as this man slowed down (lollipop lady) i looked at the man and he looked like rob pattison nowww being a devottee to team jacob i didnt want to shout 'OMG that man looks like R.P.' soooo i didnt ha noone will ever no! mwhahaha!

soooo goodbye people who read this idiotic thing that i call 'blog' but thank you if u do and please feel free to leave COMMENTS for me as i loveee doing things like this soooo ya know!

oooooo for people who love Ray William Johnson <3 *kiss* ermmm i shall be doing a comment question of the day and so if u want to be the commenter... LEAVE A COMMENT QUESTION!

and to get the ball rolling my cousin asks 'Who Do You Love?'.......

cya later peeps!

alex xx

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