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How Does a Book Get So Much Better Each Time You Read It?

I'm reading Breaking Dawn for the fourth time...well, it might be the fifth. I've tried just rereading the saga straight through, from Twilight to BD, but somehow it went: Twilight, BD, Eclipse (I know), BD, New Moon ('cause I like it the least), BD. I also added The Host into the middle of it all. I think, just maybe, I might be addicted because I've only been reading these books for about two weeks now. How in the world have I managed to read them all twice (and The Host three times)? I have no idea. I'm stumped, I really am, because in between all of that I had work and a family and a house to take care of. I don't know how most things got done, really. Maybe I just have a wonderful husband.

I also read the 12 chapter of Midnight Sun after telling myself to leave them alone because the whole mess was such a big disappointment to Stephenie. I really tried. I went a week after learning about it, and then I caved. And now I'm sad that it might never get finished, and I'm royally pissed at whomever decided it was a bright idea to let a friend "just have a little peek," which probably led to them letting 20 friends "just have a little peek," etc. That person should have to face some sort of charges, if you ask me.

So, anyway, back to BD. I don't know why so many people don't like this one, except that maybe they were letting their own expectations get in the way of enjoying what was actually written. I'll admit that I didn't even really like any of the characters much before BD, so I didn't care what Stephenie did with them. Also, I'm an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy (and some horror, if you count vampire books in that category, which bookstores do for some reason), and I've been completely able to suspend belief for a long time now. None of the hang-ups that seem to get to people about this book are bothering me. Yeah, she got pregnant. I actually liked that part. I thought she tied it in well with everything else, as well as giving a reason for Bella to FINALLY become a vampire and maybe, just maybe, be an interesting character. I also loved the Jacob POV in the middle of it all. I thought that was great, and I wish she'd done it more often with the other books, even if that would have meant taking out some Bella POV (small loss there) or making the books even longer than they already were (page-count doesn't scare me). I also don't see why there are so many people who hated Renesmee. Yes, the name's weird, but Stephenie explained that, and really, what would any of them call a half-vampire, half-human anyway? I thought it was an awesome concept, that Stephenie tied it all up really well throughout the book, and that she was pretty darn cute, as well. Yes, it was a little fangirl-y, but who cares? Authors can write what they want. If it gets published, more power to them. Obviously someone in the publishing world, which is usually pretty objective and won't print dross, approved of the book enough for it to get to print. That says something, doesn't it?

So now I'm going to settle down to read for the night, since Bella just finished her transformation, and this is my favorite part. I just wondered if it's so weird that I love this book so much more every time I read it, when rereading doesn't usually bring so much emotion for me.

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