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Ever since i saw the movie Twilight i haven't really been able to think or do anything that doesn't relate to something Twilight. I've spent hundreds of dollars on twilight and so has my mother. My room is like a shrine to Twilight with all the posters and everything. It's kind of cool how one book can change my life and the world so drastically. Just think about the magazines. Pretty much every recent magazine has something to do with Twilight. I was at the mall last night and every where i looked there was Twilight even Orange Julius has a Twilight drink called Berry-pom Twilight. Entertainment has changed with Twilight too. So how has you life changed since you discovered Twilight?
*Also it was released in a press confrence on December 9th that Eclipse will also be released in IMAX on June 30, 2010. How spectacular!

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Comment by cynthia cullen on March 17, 2010 at 2:37am
thats the same what hapend to me I am a freak out of TWILIGHT so I think that I am a vampire is so rare my life is turned around againand my life has changed by the verry most romantic way. The love betwin Edward and Bella shared is is a real love in people is is beautiful.My soul is better now that I know that Twilight exist and that people like Edward exist in this world. My life has changed from this movie came on, this movie is a lesson to me...My life was like Edward's from the principle to the life was sad. Twilight is my solace and sort of my soul too. My friends and family tell me that i am crazy but the truth is that Twilight sagas are amazing.
Comment by Twi-EmmettCullenBreakingTwilight on February 2, 2010 at 2:53pm
Twilight has changed my life in the most romantic way. I look at life differently once again. The love Edward & Bella shared was pure and innocent. It brought the joy of my romantic and most kept secret series in my heart to life once again. I have been a loyal fan of Beauty and The Beast the TV Series back in the 80's with Vincent & Catherine. Once Twilight came out the romance between Edward & Bella brought to me the similarities of Vincent & Catherine. Two people of different worlds who truly couldn't be with one another due to fear of hurting each other. However, they managed to help make their relationship work in their own unique way. Let's just say ever since I saw Twilight I immediately purchased the books, the soundtrack cd to the movies. My hubby gave me for christmas an I-Pod touch 32 gigs, and the first thing I did was purchase all the Twilight music from my I-tunes account. I uploaded pictures, I signed up to all the Twilight news, tracker, and purchased all the games pertaining to Twilight. On christmas I got a promo video of New Moon and have been watching it over and over again. I actually finished reading the Twilight Saga books in less than 5 days. My hubby thinks I'm Twilight crazy because all I do is go home after work and watch the Twilight movies once again, or log on to my I-Pod to continue speaking with my Twilight fans. Also, my 11-year daughter and I have bonded so bad that all we do is talk Twilight all the time and my hubby can't take it anymore. So he just leaves the room until it's time to go to sleep. I know I'm a little carried away with Twilight but this romance has brought me back to life. Hey by the way I noticed my WFOL activity for my similar series is on this weekend online and all next week. So I will definitely be hooked to my Twilight movies, news, I-pod, and BATB winterfest online activities this weekend, and next week. Sorry I'm a true die hard Twilight Fan, just like my BATB site. Hope I can share the love and magic with all my Twilight Fans? Emmett Cullen in Breaking Twilight. Come and check out my profile page you will get a kick out of it I hope! Emmett
Comment by Taylor IS THE NAME on January 31, 2010 at 4:20pm
I am soo addicted if you dont beliee me you can ask my mom!!I alaways doing something that is in the movie.And I cant stop I'm always thinking about edward and jacob because they are both cute!! And I've started to have some weird BUT good dreams about vampires and werewolves!!Agh!!!!And in class I'm starting to day dream!!..Tell me about...i'VE GOT TO GET IT TOGETHER!!!
Comment by Emmie Cullen on January 31, 2010 at 1:17am
At first I really didnt get the hype yet never read the books or watched the was winter break for me and my kids...we rented twilight....right after we did we went to watch new moon...I came hope picked up twilight the book and now I am on the fourth book...I cant think of anything but twilight has made me absolutely obsess about it! I read 3 books in 2 and a half weeks...beginning the is amazing! All I think is about he story! it is amazing how something like this can come from one persons! thank you stephanie.
Comment by Rosie_14 on January 26, 2010 at 7:53pm
yeah it kind of did.. but not in an obsessive way, like redecorating all my room with Edward and Bella pics and hoping that someday Robert pattinson will climb my window with his shirt off or day dreaming about twilight during biology class.. okay maybe that last one isn't entirely not-true but my point is that twilight has widen my book choices a lot i mean i didn't even know who the hell was jane austen now ive already read all of her books and im right now reading wuthering heights wich so far is pretty good.. so yeah twilight is awesome!! but if you guys don't mind an advice id have to say that you shouldn't let twilight be the center of your world i mean there are other things that are just as or even more awesome that staying in your room all day re-reading for the millionth time the twilight saga.. think of all things that youve stop doing for something twilight related like hanging out with your friends or paying attention to that not-edward-kind of cute boy who has been watching you lately... dont misunderstand i love twilight but i dont let it forget whats happening around me or keeping me out in a little bubble apart from the world.
Comment by jamie venezia on January 24, 2010 at 10:57am
omg i know how u feel all i wear has to have edwards face on it
every square inch of my room has edwards face on it
did u know edwards full name is Edward Anthony Mason Cullen?
also in the first movie victoria is blond in the second she is a red head
can u believe it ? bye
Comment by Brianna melton on January 22, 2010 at 5:42pm
twilight has really changed my life
It's given me a place to escape. I can read those books and forget everything that is actually happening. It's gives me hope.
Comment by Celine Nguyen on January 22, 2010 at 1:59am
me too me too me tooooo!!!!!! but its more like my secret world....because my room is already full of other pics and because its hard to act .... so TWILIGHT-Y when i have talkitive friends and but i luv twilight!!!!!
Comment by Skylar on January 21, 2010 at 4:34pm
Twilight has changed my life in several ways. I read all 4 books in just 5 days over Christmas break. I love being able to read the books and watch the movies and just forget about all my stress. I also love how there are awesome guy characters in the book who are very gentleman like and how boyfriends should be. I have definetely raised my standards on boys now thats for sure! :]

amazing series!
Comment by cierra m on January 14, 2010 at 3:27pm
twilight chnaged my life too and my room is just alike its all bout twilight and new moon i have qll four books and read all its awesome series

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