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Well I started with somthing that sounded nice togther.Then just keep on going with the flow; even spill a tear or two.I always think of my Grandpa. He died on December, 31, 2008, 1100 - 11:00 am. I still miss him -alot- but I know that, he would want us to move on -for the most part- and this is how I do so: write poems that make all of his' loved ones cry. Sounds mean? Well it >may< be. But, thats how I know, that I did put emotion, rememberance -if thats a word- and meaning, in my work.
You may think that writing poems is just, ryming words put together and sounds fun. Well >sorry< WORNG! Its when you put passion on a peice of 'memory' -papper- and. for example, Shakesphere -if thats how you spell his name- did poems about love, and passion. It has character, and more meaning in few words than songs do in lots. I write poems about sorrow, death, blackness, deepness. They interest me in alot of ways. Like how death is going to be peaceful for all. Or how deep people cna get into one emotion. (Very...odd).
I will always love writing poems...In my favorite one "Pain" I say:
"I am writing this today as a showing of my sorrow,
It's how i let go but still hold on,"
What I mean is that, if you can write about somthing that is important to you, I bet that one day you will be looking through thoes old jurnals and think "I'm soo glad i wrote about this. If I hadn't well maybe thoes memories will be some where locked in my head,...where I'm not able to locate it,". Well thats what i would and do.
Need an example?On my page there is some...and later I will put up my latest: every one has to do with my grandpa.
Thank you.

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