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How much do you know about Edward Cullen?

Hello, I'm Lluvia and I'm 100% obsessed with Edward Cullen..I just wanted to know if everyone is just as crazy about him as I am..I wish there was actually a guy in the world like him..So here are a few questions to see if you all know just as much about my love as I do..I'm sure they are fairly easy...But good luck anyway...Have fun

1. What was Edward Cullens birthdate as a human?
2. What is the name that his parents gave him?
3. What were the names of his biological mother and father?
4. What was Edwards eye color when human?
5. What was his old last name, before Cullen?
6. What is his middle name?
7. What is his fave animal 2 hunt?
8. How old was Edward when he met Bella?
9. How many months was Edward gone from Bella?
10.What color are his eyes when he is hungry?
11. What year did Edward become a vampire?
12. What does Edward do to Bella's car to stop her from going to see Jacob?
13. Why Edward want to Bella to keep her "virtue"?
14. What your favorite quote from Edward?
15. When Carlisle found Edward what was he dying from?

I hope that you all enjoyed answering the questions just as much as I did making this blog...I would like to thank my chica Jessica for giving me some ideas!!! Thanks again and enjoy..

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Comment by JessicaRoseCullen-Black~♥♥♥ on August 5, 2009 at 5:58pm
1. the year 1901.
2. edward anthony masen
3. elizabeth masen and edward masen sr.
4. green! (i luv it. my eyes r green 2. lol)
5. masen.
6. anthony
7. mountain lion
8. 17 in "human" years and 108 years total
9. 4 or 5?
10. black or as bella says "onyx"
11. 1918
12. takes out a piece of the engine i think
13. bcuz he's old fashion and believes they should b married first. (idk. lol)
14. thts a hard one Lluv!! lol. umm....i guess "i should infuriate you more often". i luv all tht he says tho. lol
15. the spanish influenza.

i hope i got them all rite! im the first 2 reply.

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