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At Emeric Lake, we had an amazing bear encounter. As usual on our backpacking trips, one of the first things we did was to make a (hopefully) bear proof pantry. That meant getting a rope over a tree limb, and tying a couple of backpacks to it. That evening the backpacks were loaded with anything a bear might think was tasty. We even had to put in things that we wouldn’t ever eat. Unless maybe we were starving. Things like soap. ick! Then we pulled them up into the pine tree just up the hill from our campfire, which was near the trail. We slept with our feet near the lake, and our heads by the trail.

Do you think that bears are just “dumb animals”? Think again. During the night my dad happened to wake up, only to see a bear standing up on its hind legs and shaking the tree. No, it wasn’t shaking the tall pine where the food was, like you thought. It was shaking the little tree a short distance away to which my dad had tied the end of the rope! Somehow that bear knew the rope on that tree led to the food in the other tree!

The bear didn't seem to be interested in us, just in the food. Which it wasn't able to get after all, so it finally left. I don't know if I could do it, but eventually my dad went back to sleep. Do you think you could? But that wasn’t all that happened that night. The next morning we found out the bear hadn’t really left after all. Our feet were about three feet from the bank of the lake. Guess where there were bear tracks? But that wasn’t even the scariest thing. There were bear tracks on the trail just inches above our heads!


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