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How to Look Like a Twilight Vampire

Ever wonder how to look like your favorite vampire family from the Twilight series, the Cullens? After reading this you should have a better idea of how to achieve that.
Steps,Walk quick, but act as if it's a normal speed, be graceful(dancing ballet lessons will help this) walk in long strides. If you want to be like Alice use quick short step movement though still graceful, where it looks like your dancing.
Apply a foundation lighter then your skin tone. Then put the lightest shade of blush they have for a fed look or lavender eye shadow underneath your eye for hungry. Blend the foundation well so it looks good. Wear lots of sunscreen in the sun or avoid it when you can.
The Cullens are vegetarian. So get golden and black contacts on the internet or from your eye doctor. Golden's the fed look and black is hungry. If you'd rather be like the Nomad's (James Victoria and Laurent) then get red/burgundy/ and black.
If you want to be a dark Goth vampire then go to a different site. The Cullens wear light classic clothes. Wear whites, beige's, lighter browns, light blues/ light pinks etc...Some light grey would work as well. Each Cullen dresses more like the era they were from. Alice as an example was born in 1901. She dresses Victorian which includes, greys, navy's and silk, and lace. Dress classic though. If your going for a certain character such as Alice or Rosalie, possibly Esme, search how to be like {Name}
Vampires have been around along time which is why you dress classic. Trends and styles come and go. Some like Rosalie stick to modern day stuff such as Alice had trendy clothes but still resemble her era.
Check the books for certain outfits. Or search things form the movie.
When you're going in the sun put on body glitter.
Wear hidden ice packs if so, or if you're at home and ready to greet someone stick your hands in the freezer or something! :) Just stay away from heat (I'm normally cold so if I just don't hold or touch my hands together they get cold)
Eat breath mints or chew mint gum for the tantalizing smell.
Walk quickly and face but don't notice it. Be strong and fit!
Try inhaling sharply through your nose. It should make sort of a whooshing sound, and your shoulders should slightly move with this. It's a very Edward-esque move.
Twilight vampires don't hesitate often, as they have very good accents and speak very well. However, Edward does a bit of hesitating in the movie you can notice he says um, err, hmm. Effect. This is only because he is nervous around Bella. For a full effect of a twilight vampire- don't hesitate often.
Whiten your teeth. Vampires in Twilight have clean teeth.
Stay perfectly still and stare a lot. Vampires in twilight tend to stare for extended periods of time and stand/sit/freeze in certain positions when something grabs their attention.
Have clear skin, have a good diet, Twilight vampires are beautiful. Shower everyday, wear perfume for a sweet smell to humans.
Vampires run very fast. If you run fast, it will seem a lot more like a vampire, but they mostly don't run in public because a lot of people will notice thier abnormal running abilities.
If you're going for a newborn Vampire look, try clenching your fists and widening your eyes when somebody gets too close. That makes it seem like you're holding yourself back.

To make your hair like a vampire: middle part that is a bit ruffled is perfect. For women, romantic waves or stick straight hair is perfect. Also short bouncy hair is nice and don't forget the pixie-do, like Alice Cullen.
Wear lighter colors if you want to look less conspicuous, as it means your pale skin tone will not clash as much with your clothes.
If going out in the sun, wear long sleeves or pants, and be sure to apply shimmer make up to any skin showing.(optional)
Wear plain but expensive clothes. Or if you can't spend much money, look-a-likes are just as cute.
Research your history and be honest.
If you're wearing black or darker colors you're going to look pale. Cullen's wear LIGHT colors, remember that. So you'll have to actually be pale.
Stare. A lot. But don't stare at people that would creep them out. Stare at a thing for as long as you can manage, and try not to blink.
If you're sitting in a classroom or something, try not to fidget, e.g. blink, scratch, lick your lips, readjust how you're sitting, etc. In Breaking Dawn, the Cullen's tell Bella to do all these things when in the company of humans, as vampires naturally sit/stand very still, and they don't fidget at all - they don't need to.
Move with swift, flitting motions. Practice ballet or something to be graceful but also quick.
Remember to always look mysterious and DO NOT be so outgoing.
You should always be observing people. And if they look at you, don't be afraid to stare at them for a while and then slowly glide your eyes back to your starting point.
Look like you have a gift. For ex, if you want to have Edward's gift, make it seem like your listening to everyone. And if you have Alice's gift... I think you know what to do. But not to the extreme. And don't be a drama queen please.
Try to look like you have something on your mind it helps you look a little bit more mysterious.
Pay attention to things hear and see everything, be observant.
Don't ever look cold. Since vampires have a very low body temperature, they are used to the cold.
Don't look sleepy, if you,re at a friends be up early so it's like you never slept, have your hair and makeup perfect to. If you want to get natural bags under your eyes try to be a Cullen and not sleep at all! (though that's not recommended :) sleep is important)
If you live in a sunny place, there may be a problem. You don't have to move to Forks or any other place, just make it work.
Remember this is the Twilight Cullen's. If you want to be a different vampire, like Goth, search for a normal vampire.
DO NOT paint your face white with face paint and expect yourself to look pale like the Cullen's!!!+
When eating in lunch rooms, only eat when people are not looking...but still eat! (the Cullen's dont eat!)

Do NOT wear fangs! Twilight vampires do not have fangs!!!
The Cullen's and all the Twilight vampires are beautiful. Even if your are not the prettiest girl or boy in school tell yourself you are. Be confident as well(all the Cullen's are) You are beautiful if you feel beautiful.
Don't laugh unless something is really funny and if so just smile. (Don't strain yourself by trying Edward's crooked smile. It's very hard and only works for him) If, however, you really need to laugh, make it soft and enchanting, so 'humans' will be dazzled
Stare at people with very deep eyes when they talk to you before answering them. (Try to freak them out but not so much that they don't talk to you anymore.)
Do not go around telling people you are a vampire. You're supposed to be inconspicuous about it. And it blows your cover.
If your struggling to be somebody form the Twilight series, your probably not cut out for it, sorry :(
Always remember that baby powder can dry out your skin and result in spots.
When your stressed to move and be panicky just be still and try not to blink or move
Make fast, zappy, sudden movements (the twilight vampires do this, especially Edward when he was around Bella. So become aglie, by playing games ect.
DO NOT starve yourself or try to drink blood!

Things You'll Need
Foundation lighter than your skin tone
Lavender eye shadow
Gold, burgundy, or blackish contacts
The books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn By Stephenie Meyer (these are not needed but would be helpful)
Shimmer powder or glitter Lotion
trendy or basic clothing

Hope you liked it!! :)

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