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I was at home. Emmett, Jasper, and Carlisle were down stairs watching tv. I was in my room listening to music. the girls were in London shopping. Alice made them go. Bella wanted to stay here with me. I tried to talk Alice into it, but she didnt budge that ticked me off. I wanted Bella home and in my arms, i wanted to hold her, and tell her i loved her. I missed a lot. I wished she would walk through our old bedroom door and come to me so i could take her in my arms. I knew that wasnt happening not yet Alice had her with her for almost a week. How could shopping last for almost a week. She knew how much i wanted Bella.

Downstairs i heard Emmett think "Call them Edward find out what time they are coming home. I miss Rose and i want to give her a surprise." I ignored the first one then Jsper thought "Edward please call them and ask them what time theyre coming home i miss Alice and I can feel Emmett misses Rose. Plus Dad misses Esme he feels lonely right now." I sighed. Why did i have to call? They have phones they can call. I got up and walked over to the nightstand i got my phone and dialed Bella's number.

"Hello?" she said.
"Bella. Its Edward." I said
"Oh hey. I miss you so much im trying to convice Alice to take us home now. I want to come home and run into your arms." she said then she sighed i could tell she was imagining the picture.
"I feel the same way. I miss you too. I got an idea tell her Jasper is crying that ought to work." I said
"Im not going to go that far." she said.
i sighed. "Ask her when shes bringing you guys home." I said.
"Ok. Hold on. Alice when are you-" she started to talk but then im assuming Alice cut her off.
"Tell him well be home in an hour." she said.
"Im sure you heard that." Bella said. An hour what was i gonna do for and hour?
"I did. Go hunting or something ill be home before you know it." She said. "I love you. Bye." she added
"Love you too. See you." I said.

That was the end she hung up. I walked out of my room and Japer and Emmett where standing there. My eyebrows went up. I gave them an accusing look. "What-" I started to say. Emmett cut me off. "An hour got it." then he was gone.Jasper stayed standing in front of me. "Want to go hunting?" I asked. "Yeah." Jasper said. He turned around and started down stairs. "Emmett?" I called. "Want to go hunting?" I asked. "Yeah." He came downstairs where me,
Carlisle and Jasper were satnding waiting. We went outsidde and started running. I was lucky I found a mountain loin.

We hunted for an half an hour. Then I heard a scream. I froze it sounded like Bella. Emmett came up behind me. "Lets go." he said. He started running towards the scream. I followed. There on the floor was a girl who looked like they just got attacked by a monster she had blue ocean eyes and long dirty blonde hair. I tried to hear her thoughts though i came up blank. Who was this girl? And what was she? I could tell she wasnt human. How where her eyes blue though? She layed on the ground. "Girl whats your name?" Emmett asked. She screamed again and yelled "Please dont hurt me." "We wont hurt you." I said. "Whats your name?" I added. "My name is is is Sam." she said with tears leaking down her face. Jasper and Carlisle showed up then. Jasper looked shocked. It was like he knew her for a second. "Do you know who this is?" he said backing up. The girl got up and smiled at Jasper. "Jasper its been to long. Thank you for leading him here Emmett and Edward." she said her voice got wicked.

She was about to attacked Jasper or someone around us. She leaped like she was about to get Jazz but then she leaped and me. She caught me off guard. She bit my neck. I yelled. It burned like i was changing into a vampire all over again. Emmett and Jasper got her off of me. They started riping. Before they killed her she screamed "You cant save him hes has anti-venom in him if you bite him you will kill him." Then they finished her off. You could hear her screams. I was still on the floor, still yelling. I touched my neck it was bleeding. I was shocked how was that possible. I was lifted then and taken home. When we reached my room everything went black.

I was waking up. I heard voices. They sounded different stressed and pained. I heard Bella's voice I opened my eyes. "Hes awake" she said. She walked over to me. She sat on the bed next to me i sat up and I reached for her hand she moved it away so that I couldnt hold it. "Bella" I said "whats wrong?" She touched my hand it was ice cold. I jerked away.She got up and walked out of the room. I tried to read everyones mind i couldnt hear anyone. Whats wrong? Why cant i hear you? Carlisle whats happening? Where did Bella go?" I asked so many questions. "I'll go get Bella, Edward." Alice said. "Edward your human again. Thats why you can hear any of us. It turns out before we killed that person she has anti-venom or so she calls it." Carlisle said. I was about to say something but Bella came back into the room. "Bella please come here." I said. I wanted to apologize for what i did earlier. I shouldnt have jerked my hand away like that. "Im sorry i shouldnt have reacted to your touch like that."

She looked up under her lashes and my heart skipped two beats. She was beautiful. She smiled warmly at me and said "its ok." She leaned down and kissed my forehead. I reached up and grabbed her chin. "Im so sorry. I know that you say its ok but its not that was disrespectful of me to do that." I said. She pressed her lips to mine and kisseed me she was tense. I tried to make it last. It didnt. She pulled away her eyes where wild she was thirsty. He irses black. "Im sorry." I said. "No its ok. I liked it I just havent hunted in a while." she said. Maybe she should go now so that she could kiss me with a little burn. I liked that idea. "Go now." I said. I looked over at the clock it was almot eight.

She smiled and said "I'll go later i want to be with you now. I havent seen you in almost a week." My hearts thumped so fast at her smile. My stomache growled. "Your hungry theres food in the fridge from being for Nessie, Jake and Seth. I can make you something." she offered. "No thats ok." I said getting up. I looked back to our bed. She was just there. "Bella?" I said walking into where the sun was still shining. I froze. Bella laughed from behind me. "Your not a vampire anymore. You cant sparkle." she said in a soft voice. I blushed. She grabbed my hand and led me down the stairs. I heard a laugh when i walked downstairs. It was Emmett. I tried not to look in his direction so i went to the kitchen. I grabbed ceral, a bowl and milk. I didnt realize how hungry I was. I ended up eating three bowls of ceral.

When I was done I was tired. Carlisle came in the kitchen."You should get some rest son." he said. "I am kinda tired." I admitted. Bella walked upstairs holding my hand again. She pulled back the covers and i climbed in. She gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Im going hunting with Alice. I'll be back later." she said walking out the door. It didnt take me long to fall asleep. At first I thought i would dream about Bella but i didnt. there was an angel in my dream. "Who and what are you?" I asked. "Im lauren. Im an angel." She said. "Why are you here in my dream?" i asked. "Im here to tell you that you can become a vampire again." she said. "How?" i asked. "Well all you have to do is ask the one that loves you the most to bite you. If the wrong person bites you, you will die immediatly. Choose the person that love you the most wisely Edward." She says. I nod my head taking all this in. Its kinda scary to hear about me dieing and stuff. I hope Bella can actually change me. I want to be able to be with her without making her feel uncomfortable and thirsty.

I felt cold fingers push hair out of my face. I felt them trail down my face to my chest then back up again. I felt the electricity travel through me. I smiled and opened my eyes. I saw my Bella looking at me.

"Morning" she said her voice sounding so sweet better than an angels.

"Morning to you too." i said "how was hunting without me?" i asked.

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Comment by shaslik on October 14, 2009 at 1:18am
dis is gr8 write more
Comment by ☽ღaLiCeCrAzIeღ☾ on September 27, 2009 at 4:32pm
love it! please update me and write more soon!
Comment by alice (amanda) clearwater on July 31, 2009 at 10:47pm
thats really good

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