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Husband becomes Twilight Saga Widower......

And so it continues..... Night after night, I slip away with my book to the confines of my bath-tub, full of indulgent bubbles; and there I stay for 'half an hour', I tell my husband. Over two hours later, the water has turned to ice without me realising, and my body has become a giant prune!
I just cannot put the damn book down. I think that my obsession with all things Twilight has got to go on the back burner (just a little) from now on. I really have become an unsociable hermit, and if I am not careful I may be facing divorce!!! Still, I have now completed all four books in under a week, juggling school runs, bath and tea times, and work in the process......Not bad going really. I really must make it up to my 'Grumpy Pants' husband though!
I loved the books so much, however there are a few niggles I am not sure about - Truthfully, in my opinion I would have extended the thrid book to included a skimmed over version of what happened in the fourth. Don't get me wrong, I loved parts of the fourth book, but felt that at times things were a little extreme. Not sure that anyone in their right mind would actually want to name their child Renesmee! I hope they don't make a fourth movie. I think they should just do an extended third movie instead. (Leaving out the birth scene - Otherwise it will turn into a major horror movie!!!)
Thoroughly enjoyed the whole Saga though, and would love to read Midnight Sun, if she ever releases it.

Love to all my fellow Twilighters!

StupidShineyVolvoDriver xxxx

P.S. La Tua Cantante!!!!!

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Comment by Gorelova Anna on October 11, 2009 at 2:41am
Emm...What's going on?There's no Midnight Sun yet,i mean i've probably read the illegal version. Maybe it has some mistakes, but if the book are going to be finished it would be awsome.beyond doubt.

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