The Twilight Saga

I cant think of a name.If you have an idea please tell me.

Tripe Lands.
The wind whipped through my hair as I ran to the short haired woman at the cliffs edge."Wait!" I yelled,but the wind stole my voice.She prepared to jump off the cliff,but somehow i got there just in time.She was beautiful,I could find no flaws in her features,her perficly smoothed face had no expretion in it and she had a grip on the tree next to her."stop."I said."Please..."I trailed off not sure what to say next.She looked at the forest behind us and then her eyes flashed back to me."Run."She said."Why...---"She interuped me:"No time ill get back to you soon,go to the Tribe Lands just beond the village tell them Alice sent you.Go to the man named Carlisle."She pointed east."There will be a terratory line they cannot cross,you will know when you find it if i am not already with you by the time you get there tell Jasper that I will be there soon and i miss him,GO!,GO!,GO!" she pushed me in the east direction.I ran as she told me to and tripped a lot then after a few minutes of that i saw white streeks flying around what looked like a camp site.Was this it?Was this the place the strange beautiful women wanted me to go?I saw it only in the distance before that was a village.I could see children playing in home-made paint by the biggest tepee.I ran straight through it and then stoped running after the tepees where all behind me and i steped a few steps closer to the white figuers which stoped moving.All of them.every single one of them had outstanding features I stopped walking when they where in hearing range."Alice sent me."I spat out quickly.The blond man looked at the brown haired woman and then flashed his eyes back to me.He signled me to come to him,that i did and then he handed me something,a pale sharp rock and walked away it was to warm,hot even i snapped my hand away from it and then woke up.

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