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i checked it out, now its your turn


ok, so i only saw bout five to ten minutes worth of an episode this week. but trust me, if i had it my way i would have seen more.

i had started watching it and my sister came in and wanted to watch it with me but i thought a show like that wouldnt quite be the best for a six year old. so i told her to go. she went and told my dad.

my dad said it wasnt appropriate for me to watch. so if it wasnt good for a 14 year old to watch i can only guess the kinds of things in the show.

from what i saw its kind of got a twist of desperate housewives in a way. At least i think it does. and wow, in the first five minutes there was blood. i would expect that in an episode of Bones, not in The Gates. yea there are vampires, but come on , wait for after the theme song intro thing or whatever you want to call it.

i say that if you like twilight/vampires/werewolves/the vampire diaries/witches or maybe just something out of the norm. go for it. watch the show. you can draw the line though if you only want to stick with one paranormal hit. olay then. i'll leave the rest up to.



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