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I Don't Exaclty Understand How This Is Possible!?

In the last book after Bella gets pregnant, when Edward is reading Jacob's thoughts and he was thinking about the Succubus and the Insuccubus, he said they existed but he wasn't an Insuccubus. So if he isn't, then is it Edward's love for Bella, that had changed him so much already, that made it possible he could get Bella pregnant? The book never says exactly how it happened. My own theory is, that the fact that Edward had fallen in love with a human, he changed so much for Bella that he also changed the fact that he can father a child. But it still doesn't make any sense. If he was frozen at age 17 when he was changed then shouldn't it also be true that he shouldn't be able to father a child?

- Kansas Spider-Monkey -

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