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I Don`t Know Why I Am Obsessed With Vampires...

Ok, let`s get this straight. The only vampires I liked before meeting with Twilight, were Count Dracula, Louis and Claudia from Interview With the Vampire, and Angel from Buffy (I watched both, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel series when I was little). But, when I got into the world of Twilight, except Cullens, I became a fan of few more immortals. Henry Fitzroy, Salvatore brothers.....What I`m trying to say is, that I became interested in that stuff...And I can`t ignore the question: why? It is obvious that the whole world has a kind of crush on vampires, since they appeared in literature and mythology. But why? For example, I`m from Serbia, Balkanian country. We are neighbours to Romania, and Bulgaria, and all three countries have a good number of old stories about vampires. Even today, in 21st century, in Serbian villages, you can hear scary stories about vampires. We even have our vampire specie - mulo, a vampire that can attack daily, and after 50 years of his death, grows up from the tomb, leaves the country and (!) get`s married. But I think that we are all attracted to vampires because they present strong figures, almost perfection. They always look great, and they are also a little dangerous (tell me, who doesn`t like a little adrenaline rush?). And, yeah, a bit bad. And everybody has a little of bad deep inside. But the most of all, I think that we like them because (oh my God, this is gonna be so obvious) they are undead. Immortal. Whatever they do, they are staying alive and alive and alive....Unless you kill them (which is, of course, almost impossible). The truth is, no matter how brave you think you are, no matter how many times you say that you`ll just live your life and then, when the time comes, die, without any fear of dying, we all are frightened of death. Just remember Gillgamesh. Now you`re gonna think that I`m crazy, depressed teenager who is spending time on thinking about death, but I`m not. I`ve just noticed that all adults around me think just about that one thing: so much things to do, and not enough time. When I asked my mom what is the first thing that gets on her mind when I say vampire, she replied: eternal life. And there we are. Unconciouslly, we are thinking about our death. And exactly that, what vampires can offer you: immortality, strainght, even love, is what we all secretly want. Vampires are way of escaping the cruel reality, especially love stories (in which, if you haven`t noticed, one of the lead characters is always human, and the immortal one has a lot of suffering behind) like Bella-Edward, Elena-Stefan-Damon, Henry-Vicki, Dracula-Mina, etc.

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Comment by Natasha on March 7, 2010 at 3:25pm
OMG Blackdagger brotherhood too!!! arent they great???
Comment by RiRi on March 6, 2010 at 5:49pm
I totally get what you mean...before Twilight i wasnt really into the whole vampire thing...and like you when i was in my early teens i watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel...but there wasnt really anything else around...and i wasnt the hooked...but then Twilight came out and now i have to read any book thats in connection to vampires and i love The House Of Night Series, The Blackdagger Brotherhood, Morganville Vampires, Vampire Diaries etc...i am completly hooked onto them and like you i dont understand why...i hope someone can enlighten me to why i am soooo completly into this genre of will be a great help :D
Comment by sabrina kumi on March 4, 2010 at 6:55pm
mee too i love vampire's i cant get it out i love it

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