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I consider myself a great dreamer. I’m not talking the aspiration type dreams, more the vivid lucid kind. Sometimes it will be a random story. Other times it will play out a long adventure. Mostly it is about people I know. If someone is on my mind, I tend to dream about them. For instance two nights ago George Clooney was a member of my dream, we were at Costco buying groceries. I never said it was interesting, just that they would sometimes show up.

So last night it was storming around here. I really couldn’t even get to sleep. I finished my next installment of my fan fiction story The Endless Hours and knew that I should try to sleep. The wind was whipping the trees that are in my backyard and I kept hearing the sound of the rain pelting the windows. I got out of bed and went to make myself a chamomile tea in the hopes that I would relax and go to sleep.

I have noticed that my most interesting dreams come to me when I have a lot going on. So last night was no different. I am sharing this dream because I know several of you out there have been experiencing this strange Rob/Edward dream phenomenon.

As I drifted off to sleep I was wondering about the conventions or meeting the actors, it was just simple thoughts not anything that I would have thought triggered my dream.

So the door opens in my dream world. I am in this light and airy space. Actually it looks exactly like my bedroom, well the way that I want it to look I should say. There are two small bags on the floor which I don’t recognize, I wonder what they are but I don’t really question why they are there. So I grab what I was looking for and head to my living room. There sitting in an arm chair is Rob! Not only that—he looks extremely at ease sitting there. He is wearing a blue button down shirt and a pair of jeans. He is also wearing that cap that covers his gorgeous locks. But I digress. He is talking to someone else who is here, not sure who that was—with Rob taking my entire attention.

They are watching a movie. I am not sure what but it looks like some literary adaptation with captains and officers. Maybe I was having a Pride & Prejudice moment. Anyways that’s not the point. So I mentally was trying to figure out what he was doing here and their movie was over. Suddenly I wish that I could read minds. So my sister who was in the kitchen I guess shows up and basically explains the situation to me. The man needed a place to stay while he was here and since the other guy was a friend of ours they thought of us since we had the room. This big storm had caused some serious delays and there was no place else. So much for my other thoughts that had been crossing my mind. My sister just gave up my room, and told me to sleep in the home office. Hmph.

Rob was friendly and we actually had a delightful conversation about movies we had seen and books we had read. I mentally was contemplating what I could do to grab his attention but I was at a loss. Even in my dream, the only thing that was coming up was my need to go to bed. On that frustrated note, I stalked off to my bed in the office and hoped that when I woke up I would have a new plan of action.

And there you have it. I never said it was hot or steamy, did I? Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression!

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Comment by Abby17 on February 16, 2009 at 9:55pm
It doesn't have to be hot and steamy -- it's just nice that you had it and that it was so vivid for you to remember. Maybe you can expand on it in one of your FanFiction stories :).

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